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greenBOX Controller


World's Best-Selling On-Demand Control System


What is an Ecogate greenBOX?

The brain of the Ecogate system, the greenBOX, is a state-of-the-art control unit designed to optimize your dust collection, fume extraction, or mist extraction system resulting in electricity savings of 50% to 75%. The system is designed to be fully automated, so users are expected to just use their workstations.  


The greenBOX control unit manages the entire dust collection system: it opens and closes workstation gates, starts and stops ventilation fan(s) and dust collectors, and adjusts the fan(s) speed via Power Master VFD.


Real-Time Airflow Monitoring &
Minimum Transport Air Velocities

Transport Air Velocities

By utilizing real-time air velocity, volume, and pressure measurements, it continuously monitors your machines' activities to determine the airflow requirements. Air velocities, volumes, and pressures are measured at gates, calculated at branches, and assessed at the system level. The greenBOX control unit maintains minimum transport air velocities throughout your system to prevent material settling in your ducts. 


With the greenBOX, you can rest assured that your industrial ventilation system is running at optimal levels, saving you a lot of money on fan operation costs and on makeup air if you are using heating and/or air conditioning.

greenBOX Nxt