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The greenBOX is the brain of the Ecogate system.
By knowing exactly what your machines are doing at all times, the greenBOX can optimize your ventilation system and dramatically reduce your electricity bill. The greenBOX automatically maintains appropriate airflow velocities throughout your system, so you can be at ease knowing there will never be material settling in your ducts.



Currently, our line up consists of 3 different greenBOXes. Each is unique and serve different system scales. Regardless of how big your factory or what your dust collection needs are, we have a greenBOX designed for your solution.


  • On-demand ventilation system control tailored to your needs

  • Automatically maintains appropriate airflow velocities

  • Robustly designed for industrial applications: handles up to 4 collection fans and 180 gates simultaneously

  • Detailed system analytics (learn more about Ecogate Analytics)

  • Color touchscreen or remote access for monitoring, setup, and maintenance.

Intuitive Interface

  • Change any system settings through our intuitive interface

  • Your greenBOX settings will automatically be backed up

  • Restore previous settings with ease

  • Your software will always be kept up-to-date

  • Immediately see the details of any system warnings or errors




The greenBOX NXT is built on technology that powers modern smartphones to deliver all the state-of-the-art functionality you've come to expect from Ecogate in a cost-effective package.

  • On-demand fan speed modulation to match machine requirements in real-time

  • Intuitive graphical interface - control your system from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or another device over wifi via a web browser

  • Access to Ecogate's web-based analytics platform

  • Beautiful monthly reports on system performance via email

  • Secure remote access from any internet-connected device

  • Automatically controls up to 32 gates on a single dust collection system

  • Real-time air velocity monitoring at all drops with Ecogate smart gates

  • Automatically maintains transport velocities in the ducting

greenBOX NXT


  • On-demand ventilation system control tailored to your needs

  • Automatically maintains appropriate airflow velocities

  • Handles up to 12 workstations for one collection fan

  • Easy setup and monitoring via provided software

The greenBOX 12 is our intelligent system designed for smaller operations. It relies on Ecogate's proven technology to dramatically reduce your electricity bill.

greenBOX 12

greenBOX 8

The greenBOX 8 was introduced in 1999. It was designed for smaller workshops to help reduce their electricity bill. Handling up to 8 workstations, this system provided on-demand ventilation maintaining appropriate airflow velocities.

This controller is no longer available and has been replaced by the new greenBOX 12.

Upgrade Program

If you own greenBOX 8, you may want to take advantage of our Upgrade Program. To learn how to go from your greenBOX 8 to new greenBOX 12 click the button below.



The Ecogate greenBOX ONE serves as a bridge between an Ecogate Smart System and third party automatic blast gates. Some CNC machines already have built in butterfly gates, or you may have a few pneumatically operated automatic blast gates installed in your ducting system. With the greenBOX ONE, you do not need to replace these with Ecogates, but rather just install a greenBOX ONE at each of these machines.

While the greenBOX ONE cannot control the third party gate, it does serve as an input to the Ecogate smart system and informs it when a particular machine requires ventilation. For example, if the external gate is open (energized), the greenBOX ONE will read this information, send it to your greenBOX controller and the controller will adjust the fan speed to ensure we are delivering proper airflow to that specific machine and throughout the system. Additionally, the greenBOX ONE has the same pressure sensing tube that our SMART gates have to read volume, velocity and pressure at that specific gate. 

greenBOX ONE
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