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greenBOX Controller

What is an Ecogate greenBOX?

The brain of the Ecogate system, the greenBOX, is a state-of-the-art control unit designed to optimize your dust collection, fume extraction, or mist extraction systems. 


Monitor & Analyze Your Machines

By utilizing real-time air velocity, volume, and pressure measurements, it continuously monitors and analyzes your machines' activities to determine the precise airflow requirements. Air velocities, volumes, and pressures are measured at gates, calculated at branches (based on gate air volumes and branch diameters), and assessed at the system level.


The greenBOX control unit automatically adjusts airflow velocities throughout your system to prevent material settling in your ducts, a common issue in traditional systems. With the greenBOX, you can rest assured that your industrial ventilation system is running at optimal levels, reducing downtime, and extending the life of your equipment. 

Which greenBOX Should You Buy?

We offer three different greenBOX models to meet the needs of various industrial ventilation systems - from small shops up to large factories with multiple systems. Our team of experts can help you determine which greenBOX model is best suited to your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Ecogate greenBOX Master

greenBOX Master

The greenBOX Master is the most advanced control system for industrial ventilation. It manages up to four ventilating systems with up to 180 gates, supports cascading, parallel, and lead & backup fans, and can handle up to 36 VFDs. The system is energy-efficient, cloud-connected, and remotely accessible. Equipped with precise closed-loop regulation and automatic calibration, it fulfills NFPA requirements.

greenBOX 8

The greenBOX 8, introduced in 1999, was designed to help woodworkers with a dust collection system in their shop reduce their electricity bill. Capable of handling up to 8 workstations, this system provided on-demand ventilation while maintaining appropriate airflow velocities.


The greenBOX 8 is no longer available, as it is now considered 'prehistoric' in the realm of technology development. The great news is that it has been replaced by the newer greenBOX 12, offering even greater flexibility, reliability, and performance.

Upgrade Program

If you own greenBOX 8, you may want to take advantage of our Upgrade Program. To learn how to go from your greenBOX 8 to the newer greenBOX 12 click the button below.

greenBOX One

greenBOX One

The Ecogate greenBOX ONE is designed to bridge the gap between an Ecogate Smart System and third-party gates (such as pneumatically operated gates). If you have CNC machines with built-in butterfly gates or pneumatically operated automatic blast gates installed in your duct, the greenBOX ONE allows you to integrate them seamlessly with your Ecogate system.


While the greenBOX ONE cannot control third-party gates directly, it serves as an input to the Ecogate smart system, informing it when a particular machine requires ventilation. The greenBOX ONE reads information from the external gate and sends it to your greenBOX controller, which adjusts the fan speed to deliver proper airflow to that specific machine and throughout the system.

With the same pressure sensing tube as Ecogate's Smart Gates, the greenBOX ONE can also read volume, velocity, and pressure at the specific gate, providing advanced control and monitoring capabilities. 

greenBOX ONE
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