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Ecogate Systems: Standard vs Smart

Ecogate Smart System vs Standard

Ecogate has historically offered two distinct system types: the Standard System, focusing on fundamental automation, and the Smart System, which elevates ventilation with intelligent controls. Both are On-Demand Control Systems for industrial ventilation, we’ll cover the differences more in detail.

Ecogate System Components

An Ecogate system consists of 4 main components;

  • Gates - open and close at drops to regulate airflow

  • Sensors - detect when workstations become active

  • VFD - adjusts collector/fan based on demand

  • Control Unit - the brain of the system

The primary distinction between Standard and Smart Systems lies in the greenBOX Control Unit and the motor type driving the gates . While both systems can incorporate any gate style (rotating-blade or butterfly style), the Smart System stands out with its advanced greenBOX options and Smart Gates (powered by Smart Motor)—yes, everything is smart. 

Standard Gates (powered by Standard Motor) do not have limit switches nor a processor board.

Ecogate Standard System

The Standard System incorporates older control units like the greenBOX 12 and the now-retired greenBOX 8. Designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, these units are straightforward to install, often by the users themselves in smaller shops. They support a limited number of gates—12 for the greenBOX 12 and 8 for the greenBOX 8—reflecting their names. For many years, these units got the job done.

greenBOX 12

The greenBOX 12, in particular, is celebrated for its remarkable durability, with some units reliably functioning for over two decades. While not featured in our main product lineup, we continue to offer the greenBOX 12 to customers upon request, subject to availability.

If you were indeed interested in a Standard System, what would you get? The greenBOX 12 lets you adjust the minimal airflow in one duct zone and controls up to 12 Standard Gates (powered by a Standard Motor). The Standard Motor provides the basic functionality of opening and closing the gate using limit switches but does not measure pressure, air volume or velocities at drops. 

greenBOX 12