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Ecogate Power Master vs. 3rd Party VFDs

Ecogate's Power Master VFD Compatible with greenBOX

Ecogate Power Master VFD is available for 230V, 460V, and 575V AC systems, for the fan motors up to 420 HP
Power Master VFD; available for 230V, 460V, and 575V AC systems, for fan motors up to 420 HP

The Ecogate Power Master Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is the result of a strategic partnership with ABB, leveraging their premier ACS880 industrial VFD model known for its outstanding reliability, performance, and safety. Our VFD is designed to adjust the fan motor's speed based on measured fan performance and real-time calculations from the greenBOX control unit.

Third-Party VFDs and Ecogate's greenBOX

In tune with our clients' needs, we've created the "Universal Modbus Driver," enabling the addition of new devices like VFDs into our system without software overhauls based on externally defined communication models. However, integrating a new third-party VFD with our greenBOX system is still a complex task. It involves the expertise of a control-software engineer, user interface software engineer, and test engineer, all of whom must navigate and understand voluminous, complex VFD manuals.

greenBOX-Compatible VFD Models

The Ecogate Power Master VFD is tailored to market needs: the ABB ACS880 is used for North American applications, while the ACS580 is utilized in Europe.

Beyond these, we've expanded compatibility to include the Vacon 100 from Danfoss and the F510 VFD by TECO Westinghouse.

listbox in greenBOX User Interface
Model of the VFD can be selected from the listbox in greenBOX User Interface, VFD status (right)

Ecogate Power Master VFD Advantages

setup wizard

The Ecogate Power Master VFD differentiates itself in the market with its seamless integration and user-friendly operation. Unlike other VFDs, the Power Master VFD offers a one-minute setup through an intuitive wizard on its control panel, programming hundreds of parameters effortlessly.

Ecogate's unique Setup Assistant will program hundreds of VFD parameters properly, for fast and reliable onsite commissioning

The front panel features a straightforward three-position selector, enabling operations in Automatic mode for the greenBOX control, a Stop function, and a Manual mode. The Manual mode is particularly useful both before the Ecogate control system is installed and as a reliable backup, ensuring all gates open and the fan runs at full speed in case of system malfunctions.

cable icon

Installation simplicity and speed is also a key advantage, requiring just a single cable with matching labels at both the greenBOX and VFD terminals to connect. The complete status of the VFD, including warnings, errors, and input statuses, is communicated to the greenBOX through a Modbus cable. This ensures that any issues can be swiftly diagnosed and resolved, with the greenBOX providing clear instructions in plain English on its screen, and remotely, eliminating the need for lengthy manual consultations.

For technicians who have experienced the frustration of setting up VFD parameters, operating them manually, or deciphering error codes presented in Hex, the Power Master VFD presents a significant improvement. Its design aims to minimize downtime, streamline maintenance, and make the technical staff's job less stressful and more efficient.

greenBOX Event Log and VFD Error

Example of VFD Event log via greenBOX control unit: includes brief event description, event start/end times and a detailed 'what to do' advice customized by the end user.

Comparing Ecogate Power Master vs. Third-Party VFDs

Feature Description

Power Master

3rd Party VFD

Why it is Important

Modbus Communication and Control with VFD

The VFD Control Word, Status Word, and other values are transmitted via industry standard Modbus RTU

Fee to integrate, test, and document 3rd party VFD to greenBOX control software

Implementing VFD to the greenBOX software requires work of a control-software engineer, user interface software engineer, and test engineer. All of them must read and comprehend several hundred pages-long VFD manuals

Ecogate VFD one minute setup wizard to program all parameters correctly

Each VFD uses hundreds of parameters that must be set correctly, it is time consuming, prone to error, and difficult to debug

Fan and Filter pressure transmitters built-in, setup, and fully supported

The FAN and FILTER pressure are important values to be monitored as a health check of the systems; this is why we implement them in Power Master VFD

Protection against duct system implosion by pressure sensor

Should anybody run the fan at full power with gates closed, the duct system could implode; however, the Power Master VFD will stop the fan

Evaluation of VFD Warnings and Errors (translation of HEX code to plain English)

The VFD provides HEX code of the Error or Warning; its meaning is listed in hundred pages long manual, and it is frustrating to decode

Ecogate helps solve VFD Warnings and Errors

Power Master VFD Errors and Warnings are displayed at greenBOX along plain English explanation of issue

Remote parameters reading and programming from greenBOX

It is possible to set parameters of the VFD remotely instead of traveling to customer site, saving lots of time and expenses

Intelligent Enable signal, Dust Collector automatic Start and Stop

Saves on labor and electricity from Start/Stopping the dust collector manually before/after shifts, and reduces wear & tear

Front door selector Auto-Stop-Manual

With a straightforward 3-position selector, anyone can easily operate the Power Master VFD, rather than complex menus and confusing buttons

Front door VFD status indicators

It's easy to understand by anybody the Power Master VFD door status indicators

Main power disconnect and fuses built-in

Built-in 3-phase AC fast fuses protect the Power Master VFD and - combined with disconnect - allows to be installed without modification of local electrical panel

Ecogate terminals with identical labels at greenBOX and Power Master VFD for easy connectivity

One Ecogate Master cable connects all functions, and it is easy to connect with same terminals description at greenBOX and Power Master VFD

Backup power supply for the VFD processor

Allows to check the VFD Warnings/Errors via Modbus even without the main power supply (in case of failure); speeds up repairs