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Electricity Savings Calculator

Tool Overview

This calculator gives users a good idea of how much electricity they would save if they were to install an Ecogate Automated System. Furthermore, users could also see how much money the savings equal.

The tool takes less than two minutes to complete.

Submit your email to access tool

Sample Screenshot

Electricity Savings with Ecogate in USA.png
Email Box

Instructions on using this tool

Scroll up and enter your email in the email box. For your convenience, click here to scroll up. 

Step 1

A window should have opened containing the Electricity Savings Calculator. If no window opened, you may check your inbox at the email you provided, and you should find an email confirmation there with the link to the tool.

Step 2

Once inside the document, you will notice everything is locked. The first thing to do is to sign in, the Sign In button is located at the top right of the page.

Step 3

Now that you are signed in, you are able to make your own copy of this tool. To do so, go to File>Make a Copy. This will create a copy and store it in your Google Drive. A second tab should open giving you access to your copy of the Electricity Savings Calculator.

Step 4

The tool has several formulas that if accidentally changed could disrupt the entire tool. Please make sure to only edit the cells that are highlighted in light orange.


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