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Ecogate Sensors

Workstation Activity Sensors

Ecogate specializes in providing smart controls for industrial ventilation systems that transform them into energy-efficient, optimized, and user-friendly systems. Our advanced Workstation Activity Sensors, available in several options, are specifically designed to detect when a workstation is actively producing particulates and requires ventilation. 


How Ecogate Sensors Work

Connected to the gates, these sensors detect when a machine requires ventilation and when it does not. The gate board conveys sensor status to the control unit, greenBOX, via Modbus communication. Based on signal status from all machines, the greenBOX operates the Automatic Blast Gates, directing airflow to active machines, maintaining minimum transport air velocity in the duct system, and adjusting fan speed through the Variable Frequency Drive. This approach ensures designed suction at active workstations, while keeping inactive workstation gates closed to conserve energy and maintaining the required transport velocities within the ducting.

Sensor Options

Ecogate offers a variety of sensor options. Standard Sensors are the most prevalent, used for over 95% of machines, as they can be connected to a wide range of voltage inputs, and they are simple to install . For more advanced scenarios where Standard Sensors may not suffice, our Premium Sensors offer enhanced capabilities.

Read About Which Sensor is Best For You.

Standard Sensors

AC/DC Volt Sensor - Part No: EG.319

The AC-DC VOLT sensor is suitable for both direct (DC) and alternating (AC) currents, ranging from 24 V to 230 V. This versatile sensor can be connected to the different machine circuits: PLC output, in parallel to contactor coil, AC or DC motors. AC-DC VOLT sensors have input/output LED indicators. Installation by a qualified electrician is recommended.

Premium Sensors


Laser Sensor CLASS 2 - Part No: EG.325

The Keyence Laser Sensor has a detection range of 2.5 to 196 inches and can be programmed for the desired range. It is suitable for various machines, including CNCs, edgebanders, welding booths, wide belt sanders, sanding tables, and polishers, detecting material entering the workstation or the operator's presence. The laser from CLASS 2 sensors are visible, recommended for industrial installations as the visible beam can be helpful for determining correct functionality.

Evaluating Workstation Utilization

The Ecogate system gathers data when each workstation is active and when not, this is providing valuable insights into usage patterns and electricity use & savings. This information can help you make better-informed decisions about optimizing your operations and implementing preventative maintenance. To learn more about how Workstation Active Utilization is evaluated and how this data can benefit your facility, check out our blog post.

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