Ever wondered...

...how much electricity your dust collection system uses each day?

...what fraction of shift time your workstations are actually running?


...how your electricity use changes over the course of a single day?

Wonder no more.

Ecogate's web-based analytics platform gives you detailed information about your systems from any web-connected device.

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Eric is a Senior Engineer at a large US-based furniture manufacturer with three dust collection systems, all controlled by an Ecogate greenBOX Master. During a meeting with management about the current output levels, the Plant Manager suggested that he was considering investing into a new table saw in order to increase production.

Eric wanted to check the data before recommending such an investment. He logged onto the Ecogate analytics platform from his phone, and quickly realized that one of the three table saws in the factory was only in use 3% of the total shift time. With this knowledge, the factory was able to adjust their workflow such that their production increased to meet their targets. In the process, they gained insight into their production flow and avoided an unnecessary expenditure.


Analytics Savings Metrics
  • Workstation Utilization

  • Energy Use

  • Fan Pressure

  • Fan Power

  • Main Duct Air Velocity

  • ...and a whole lot more

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