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Data Mining & Analytics

Industrial Ventilation Through Data-Driven Insights

Ecogate DataMining and Analytics - a powerful data-driven tool designed to optimize your industrial ventilation systems, ensuring peak performance, energy efficiency, and compliance. By leveraging advanced data analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your factory operations, allowing you to make informed decisions and enhance overall efficiency.

How Ecogate Analytics Works

Ecogate Analytics is supported by greenBOX units that are connected to the internet (via Ethernet/LAN or by WiFi). The greenBOX control unit continuously collects system data and sends it to the Ecogate cloud server every ten seconds. The data from your dust collection system is used to generate reports on electricity savings and workstation utilization (percentage of time spent actively producing). These insights enable month-to-month comparisons and can inform better workflow and factory design. A daily email for the maintenance manager provides system performance details, including filter losses over time, fan pressure, system air volume, duct air velocities, and drop air velocities at workstations. While other companies offer dust collector monitoring, Ecogate goes further by providing data directly from workstations, ensuring optimal system performance, safety, and health.

The Importance of Data Analytics
in Industrial Ventilation

Data analytics plays a pivotal role in maximizing the efficiency and lifecycle of your industrial ventilation systems. Here are some common use cases:


  • Automatic greenBOX backup

  • Electricity Saving Documentation for incentive evaluation

  • Compliance & Reporting (filter pressure and air volume reporting)

  • Documenting drop air velocities for compliance

  • Analyzing machine utilization to improve workflow and facility design

  • Filter Pressure Monitoring for timely maintenance

Accessing Your Ecogate Analytics Data

With a subscription to Ecogate Analytics, you can sign in to the dedicated website and view current and historical system data in the form of charts and tables. If you have multiple industrial ventilation systems, conveniently monitor the status of all systems on a single webpage, accessible from anywhere. You can also download data in "csv" format for import into Excel or other databases.

Stay Informed with Daily and Monthly Email Reports

Daily Emails: Ventilation System Health Status

Daily emails provide a comprehensive overview of your industrial ventilation system's performance, including fan and filter pressures, fan power, main duct air volume, air velocity, and average air velocity at workstations. These emails, sent to your maintenance team, serve as a valuable tool for tracking system health and ensuring optimal performance. By monitoring this data on a daily basis, maintenance personnel can proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


Monthly Emails: Business Health Status

Monthly emails offer a high-level view of your business's performance, showcasing average workstation utilization for the current month and the two months prior. These emails are particularly useful for management to analyze production trends, evaluate efficiency improvements, and compare factory utilization across different facilities. By studying the correlation between workstation utilization, orders, and overall efficiency, decision-makers can make informed choices for business growth. In addition, these emails include an evaluation of the ventilation system's energy use and savings, further highlighting the benefits of Ecogate Analytics for your organization.


Optimizing Production with Ecogate Analytics

Eric is a Senior Engineer at a large US-based furniture manufacturer utilizing three dust collection systems, all controlled by an Ecogate greenBOX Master. During a management meeting, the Plant Manager suggested investing in a new table saw to increase production.


Before making any recommendations, Eric decided to consult the data through Ecogate Analytics. Accessing the platform from his phone, he discovered that one of the three table saws in the factory was only in use 3% of the total shift time. Armed with this insight, the factory reorganized their workflow, successfully increasing production to meet targets without the need for additional equipment. The data-driven approach not only helped them avoid unnecessary expenses but also provided valuable insights into their production flow, further optimizing operations.

Customer Success Story

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Industrial Ventilation System

Investing in Ecogate Analytics empowers you to make data-driven decisions for improved safety, growth, and efficiency in your manufacturing operations. With access to real-time insights and automated reporting, you can focus on your core business while ensuring optimal performance and compliance in your ventilation systems. Choose Ecogate Analytics and embrace a smarter, more sustainable future for your manufacturing facility.

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