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Ecogate Analytics


Industrial Ventilation Through Data-Driven Insights

Ecogate Analytics is a powerful data-driven platform designed to optimize your industrial ventilation system, ensuring peak performance, energy efficiency, and compliance. Through advanced analytics, Ecogate empowers you with deep insights into your ventilation system's operations, enabling data-informed decisions that elevate efficiency and performance.

On-Demand Dust Collection

How Ecogate Analytics Works

Ecogate Analytics

Ecogate Analytics is supported by greenBOX units that are connected to the internet (via Ethernet/LAN). These units continuously gather data from your dust collection system, transmitting it to the Ecogate cloud server every ten seconds, and then used to generate reports on electricity savings and Workstation Active Utilization (percentage of time spent actively producing dust). These insights enable month-to-month comparisons and can inform better workflow and factory design. 


A daily email for the maintenance managers provides system performance details, including filter losses over time, fan pressure, system air volume, duct air velocities, and workstations drop air velocities. While other companies may offer basic dust collector monitoring, Ecogate delivers comprehensive insights straight from your workstations.

Accessing Your Ecogate Analytics Data

Ecogate Analytics

Subscribing to Ecogate Analytics, included with any ecoCARE plan, allows you to log into our dedicated portal to see both current and historical data of your ventilation systems through intuitive charts and tables. For those managing multiple systems, all can be monitored conveniently on a single page, accessible from any location. Additionally, data can be downloaded in CSV format for easy import into Excel or other database applications.

Daily Emails: Ventilation System Health Status


Daily emails provide a comprehensive overview of your industrial ventilation system's performance, including fan and filter pressures, fan power, main duct air volume, air velocity, and average air velocity at workstations. These emails, sent to your maintenance team, serve as a valuable tool for tracking system health and ensuring optimal performance. By monitoring this data on a daily basis, maintenance personnel can proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Boosting Production Efficiency: A Customer's Journey


Success Story: How Data Drove Decision-Making


Eric, a Senior Engineer at a prominent US furniture manufacturing company, oversees three dust collection systems managed by Ecogate's greenBOX Master. Faced with a suggestion from the Plant Manager to purchase a new table saw to boost production, Eric turned to Ecogate Analytics for insight.


By analyzing the platform's data on his phone, Eric discovered that one out of the three factory table saws was utilized for only 3% of the shift. This revelation led to a strategic workflow reorganization, enhancing production levels without additional investments.


This smart, data-driven strategy not only saved on costs but also sharpened their production efficiency, showcasing the power of informed operational management.


Details anonymized for confidentiality.

Ecogate Analytics & Advanced Network Security


Ecogate Analytics, powered by our next-generation greenBOX units, places a strong emphasis on secure data transmission to ensure your industrial ventilation system's analytics are protected at every level.


Encrypted Data Transmission: Every piece of data transmitted by the greenBOX units is encrypted, safeguarding against interception and ensuring your operational insights remain confidential. This encryption extends across all internet communications, whether via Ethernet/LAN.


Secure Configuration Without Compromise: Our greenBOX units are designed to eliminate the need for external port-forwarding, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. By primarily initiating outbound connections, we minimize your system's exposure to potential cyber threats.


Firewall and VPN Security: An integrated firewall directs traffic within your network, allowing only specific, pre-approved protocols. Remote access by Ecogate technicians is secured through Tailscale/Wireguard VPN, employing state-of-the-art encryption for maintenance and support without risking your system's integrity.

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