Upgrade your dust collection
for the 21st century


Automated controls for superior
performance & energy efficiency

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  • On-demand: automated control of your dust collector and fan - always get the right amount of suction!
  • Efficient: uses 68% less electricity than typical systems on average.
  • Connected: 24/7 secure remote access + insights into your operations with our analytics platform.
  • Reliable: our systems run around the clock on three continents in diverse industries.
  • Ecological: reduce your electricity bill, reduce your carbon footprint, save the planet!

Trusted by industry-leaders around the world

  • Ecogate automatic dust collection blast gate
  • Ecogate greenBOX Master dust collection control unit
  • Ecogate Power Master Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for the dust collector fan
  • Ecogate VOLT voltage sensor

Automatic blast gates, sensors, an advanced variable frequency drive, and the world's smartest dust collection controller ensure you get the suction you need when you need it - and that you're not wasting energy you don't need. Learn more.


For New Systems

  • Get outstanding energy efficiency from day one
  • Accommodate future production changes easily
  • Get your system designed by our experts
  • Get dust collection and machine use analytics data
  • Get a cash incentive towards your new dust collection system

For Existing Systems

  • Reduce electricity use by 50%-75% immediately
  • Create additional capacity with your existing fan & dust collector
  • Improve suction at machines
  • Reduce noise levels

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