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On-Demand Industrial Ventilation Systems

Dust, Fume, & Mist Collection...Automated

Trusted by Industry Leaders


What is Ecogate?

Ecogate pioneers the future of industrial ventilation, blending energy-saving technology, intelligent automation, and smart controls. Our proprietary system enhances business performance, slashes electricity expenses, and champions environmental sustainability, driving a greener future. From small shops to the biggest factories, we have a smart system for you.

A Shift in Traditional Methods

For the past 70 years, manufacturers have relied on dust and fume extraction systems operating on a straightforward principle – continuously extracting air from all areas where dust or fumes could be produced. This outdated approach is not only energy-intensive but also inefficient.


Savings Calculator


A 400 HP system running 17 hours per day would save approximately $81k! How much would you system save?

Click the button below to calculate how much YOUR system can save with an Ecogate On-Demand System.

A Carbon-Free Future Through Energy Efficiency

The most cost-effective electricity is the electricity you don't use. Embracing energy-efficient solutions is the simplest and most affordable way to create significant change. This approach immediately and permanently lowers electricity demand, transmission, consumption, CO2 emissions, and saves you money.

Despite its importance, industrial energy efficiency is often overlooked or dismissed. At Ecogate, we recognize this untapped potential and are eager to help you incorporate smart controls into your facilities to achieve your energy-efficiency goals.


How Ecogate Transforms the Process

Smart, On-Demand Ventilation

Industrial exhaust ventilation systems use some of the largest electrical motors in factories. These collectors run non-stop throughout the work shift. By implementing Ecogate's on-demand ventilation system, electricity consumption of these large motors can be reduced by an average of 68%. This is achieved through the application of the Fan Affinity Law, resulting in a highly cost-effective way to operate industrial ventilation systems.

Intelligent Automation and Control

Ecogate's industrial dust/fume/mist collection solutions utilize intelligent automation and smart controls to provide targeted suction precisely where it's needed, in real-time. This approach leads to a substantial reduction in electricity usage – up to two-thirds of the consumption of traditional systems. With Ecogate, every aspect of the system performs better, improving indoor air quality, reducing noise levels, and lowering energy costs.

Upgrade to the Ecogate Solution

Enhance your industrial dust collection, fume extraction, or oil & mist collection system with Ecogate's state-of-the-art automation and energy-efficient solutions. All existing systems can be upgraded to an Ecogate On-Demand System. Contact us today to discover how we can help you save money and bring your factory into the future.

Ecogate's Value Cycle

We are dedicated to providing full-range service, turn-key, and complete solutions for both existing and new industrial ventilation systems through our comprehensive Value Cycle. Our expertise encompasses not only smart controls but also engineering, design, and extensive R&D experience, ensuring a streamlined and exceptional customer experience.


Engineering  Analysis of Existing System

Our experts conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing industrial ventilation system, focusing on key aspects such as energy consumption, air velocities in ducts and drops, fan inlet and outlet pressures, efficiency, and overall performance. This approach enables us to pinpoint areas for improvement and uncover potential energy-saving solutions that align with your goals.


Upon completion of the thorough analysis, we deliver tailored recommendations aimed at optimizing your industrial ventilation system. An Ecogate technician will present the findings, offer suggestions, and actively engage in discussions to address your concerns. The proposed solutions may encompass smart control upgrades or ductwork modifications. Moreover, we will provide detailed calculations for the anticipated electricity savings, the total cost of the Ecogate system including installation, and a clear explanation of the return on investment.

Is Ecogate the Right Choice for You?

  • Does your dust collection or fume extraction system account for a large portion of your total electricity bill?

  • Are particulates from your manufacturing process contributing to airborne contaminants that impact the health and safety of your employees?

  • Is your company dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint?

  • Do you aim to generate a positive ROI from the capital investment required for compliance with laws and regulations?

  • Are you interested in a system that offers automatic reporting, providing detailed analytics for review and usage understanding?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, Ecogate is the ideal solution for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Industrial Ventilation Solutions.

Total Cost of Ownership

The dust collection systems are typically in use for 15 to 20 years. Ecogate-on demand ventilation systems lifetime cost is reduced by 35% to 40% compared to traditional dust collection systems (includes initial investment, maintenance, and electricity cost).

What Our Clients Say

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Unlock the Benefits of Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Elevate your dust collector or fume extractor with the Ecogate On-Demand System designed to provide unparalleled savings, enhanced safety, and exceptional reliability. Embrace Industry 4.0 and plan for future expansions with minimal environmental impact.



Slash your energy costs and boost your bottom line. Electricity saved is money saved. Less air volume equals slower fan, which means less energy costs aka increased profitability!



Ensure employee well-being and minimize fire and explosion hazards. Dust that isn't adequately removed is harmful to employee health and ultimately poses fire and explosion hazards.



Invest in durable, long-lasting products designed for tough industrial environments, and avoid the hidden costs of cheap alternatives.



Harness the power of smart technology to automate your system and collect insightful data for optimized machine performance and advanced, preventative maintenance.



Avoid substantial, unnecessary capital expenditures during expansion. Ecogate optimizes your fan to support all current workstations and accommodate additional ones. 



Make a significant positive impact on the planet by drastically reducing electricity consumption with our energy-efficient solutions.

The Ecogate Solution

Ecogate greenBOX controls platform, combined with our industry-leading air velocity/volume measurements (What is not measured cannot be controlled!) and one minute Power MASTER VFD setup, speeds up and de-risks deployment of on-demand ventilation systems. In short, the Ecogate platform enables quicker and smoother deployment and commissioning, which is important for small to large-scale projects as delaying turning on the system can result in losses.

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