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We improve dust & fume collection systems by applying technology and controls. The direct savings in electricity that results from the installation of our patented system improves the lives of our customers, the performance of their businesses, and the health of our planet.


Dust and fume extraction systems for manufacturers have worked basically on the same principles for the past 70 years - suck all the air from all of the place where dust or fumes could possibly be produced, all day, every day. That's kind of like air conditioning every room in a hotel because a guest might be there - regardless of the fact that half of the hotel is empty. It's not very smart.

That's the key insight behind Ecogate. By directing suction exactly where it's needed in real-time using intelligent controls, Ecogate systems use one-third the electricity of those traditional systems while making every other part of the system work better. Air quality, electricity use, noise levels... all of them are improved.

Ecogate can provide everything from preliminary engineering assessments to custom duct design through system installation and commissioning. You can keep focused on your business while we take care of everything for you.

All of the Ecogate branded and manufactured products plus a broad assortment of peripheral products are available for direct purchase. Perhaps you already have a system and just need some additional or replacement parts. Or perhaps you have a great design and installation team. No problem here as Ecogate stands ready to help you understand and acquire only the parts you require.

Ecogate offers a range of engineering and consulting services independent of its hardware lines. For example, if you have a system and you suspect it not performing as it used to or to it’s potential. Ecogate offers a stand-alone engineering assessment service to help you understand where the bottlenecks might be and if improvements are realistic and attainable.

  • Does the dust or fume collection/exhaust ventilation account for more than 35% of the your total electricity bill?

  • Are the particles or fumes that your manufacturing process putting in the air having an impact on the health and safety of your employees?

  • Is your company committed to reducing the environmental footprint of your operations?

  • Do you want to generate a positive ROI from the capital investment required to comply with laws and regulations?

  • Are you interested in a system that reports automatically allowing you a full suite of detailed analytics for review and usage understanding?

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Electricity saved is money saved. Less air volume equals slower fan, which means less energy costs and ultimately more money in your pocket.

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Ecogate starts your dust collector when work begins and turns it off at the end of the shift. It also collects insightful date of your machines and savings.

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Dust that isn't adequately removed is harmful to employee health and ultimately poses fire and explosion hazards. Ecogate can greatly help minimize these risks.

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Ecogate optimizes your fan to support all current workstations and more. This means less unnecessary capital expenditures when expanding. 

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All of our products are designed for long-term use in tough industrial environments. Cheaper alternatives may end up costing more in replacements and repairs.

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By significantly reducing the amount of electricity you use, Ecogate helps you reduce your environmental footprint. 

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