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Efficient Factory Expansion with Ecogate Technology

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Expand Without a New Collector

Ecogate's on-demand exhaust ventilation systems (dust collecting, fume collecting, mist collecting) enable you to add new machines without investing in new dust collectors. Because Ecogate gates are closing at machines that are not producing dust (fume), this allows your system to support additional machines without reaching its capacity. This means that as your factory grows, you can avoid the significant cost of purchasing a new collector, making better financial sense for your business.

Optimize Your Production Facility

Ecogate's smart systems, including models like the greenBOX MASTER, empower you to easily adapt your dust collecting system to accommodate changes in your production facility (adding, removing, replacing workstations, relocation of workstations). The intuitive interfaces of our smart systems let you quickly reconfigure settings, monitor system performance, and identify any warnings or errors. Say goodbye to guesswork and inefficiencies when rerouting ducts or adding or removing machines.

Discover the advantages of capital cost avoidance with Ecogate

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Increase Filter Media Life and Save on Maintenance Costs

In addition to electricity savings, Ecogate's technology presents a surprising phenomenon that can help you save on maintenance costs. Our customers report spending 50% less on filter media, contributing to overall cost reductions.

Dive into the science behind these savings and explore this beneficial fact

TL;DR: Lower air velocity through the filter media allows better filter cleaning and results in long filter life.

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Success Story: Brentwood Corp.

Brentwood Corp. in Mollala, Oregon, exemplifies the transformative impact of Ecogate's technology on factory expansion. Struggling with an overburdened dust collection system due to increased production, Brentwood sought a solution in Ecogate. By implementing a single greenBOX Master controller for their factory's 3 dust collectors and 101 workstations, Ecogate not only improved suction at all machines but also added capacity and slashed the electricity bill for dust collection by 58%. This game-changing solution enabled Brentwood to expand without the substantial capital investment and ongoing costs associated with adding a new dust collector, potentially saving other factories in similar situations thousands of dollars.

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