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Using Ecogate on automatic mode will reduce the time your fans are operating which reduces the load on your systems. Next time you have to grow, you might be able to grow into your system that is not at usage capacity already.


By allowing Ecogate to automatically control the on/off functionality of your system, you WILL reduce your electricity by being turned off when it is not needed so you will be able to add to your system without always adding a new collector.

Expand Without a New Collector

Make Changes To Your Production Facility

Having to guess or estimate your ability to reroute ducts or add/delete machines is no way to effectively run your business.

The intuitive interface of the greenBOX MASTER lets you reconfigure your ventilation system quickly and easily. Change any system settings in a snap through our intuitive interface. Immediately see the details of any system warnings or errors.

Here's a quick read on Capital Cost Avoidance with Ecogate ->

Double Filter Media Life

The big savings are on the electricity you save. However, to add a cherry on top, there are other areas where savings can be found. 

For years, Ecogate customers have been reporting spending half on their filter media life. Savings are savings, even if just for filter bags. 

This is a phenomenon in fact, given that Ecogate only reduces the total air volume going into the dust collector, but not the amount of dust. So how do we do this? Check out our full blog post for insights into how this technology works!

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Case Study


The benefit of being able to expand without unnecessary capital expenses was seen first hand by Brentwood Corp., Mollala, Oregon. Brentwood has a single greenBOX Master controller for its entire factory, which has 3 dust collectors and 101 workstations. 

Brentwood's dust collection system was no longer able to keep up with the demand for its expanding production. The traditional route of adding a new dust collector represented a substantial capital investment as well as a permanent increase in electricity and maintenance costs. Ecogate, on the other hand, offered to improve suction at all machines and add capacity to the system while cutting the electricity bill for dust collection by 58%.

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