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Installation Materials

Ecogate System Add-Ons


You just got Ecogate's On-Demand System for your fume extraction or dust collection system, and now it's time to install. For this you'll need some cable and installation materials. These add-ons include cable options, flanges, sensors, and more, all designed to work seamlessly with Ecogate systems.

Cable Options

With your greenBOX control unit, Power Master VFD, and blast gates ready, the next step is wiring your Ecogate System. Whether you're setting up a Standard or Smart System, selecting the right cable is crucial for compatibility and optimal performance. Explore our range of cable options to find the compatible match for your system.


Ecogate Standard Cable

Connects Standard Gates to the greenBOX 12 with color-coded individual wires that match Ecogate documentation for a stress-free installation.

Ecogate Master Cable

Ecogate Master Cable

Ecogate Master Cable connects Smart Gates and the Power Master VFD to the greenBOX controller. It's also compatible with the greenBOX 12 for connecting the Power Master VFD. The gates and VFDs are connected in a daisy-chain, this simplifies installation as it reduces the number of cables necessary for installation.


Ecogate Sensor Cable

Connects Volt/Current sensors installed at workstations to the gate motor and is compatible with both Smart and Standard Gates. As this cable is often installed inside workstation electrical cabinets it must have high voltage insulation for safety.

Standard Angle Flanges

Our blast gates are designed with standard flanged ends and by default are compatible with flange rings. We also offer the Flange-to-QF Adapters for QF duct systems.


Flange-to-QF Adapters


For those utilizing QF (Quick-Fit) duct systems, our QF adapters feature an industry-standard angle flange on one end and a Quick-Fit rolled edge on the other, allowing you to easily install one of our gates to your QF duct system.


Averaging Air Velocity Sensor

Complete your smart Ecogate On-Demand Control System with the Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™. This sensor offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring fan air volume by averaging velocity readings from the entire duct diameter inside the clean side duct.​ 

Winter Mode Sensor Kit

Winter Mode Sensor Kit

Enhance your Ecogate On-Demand Control System with our Automatic Winter Mode feature. This kit includes two temperature sensors—one for measuring ambient air near the dust collector filters and another inside the ducting. As temperatures near freezing, the fan automatically operates at a slower pace to prevent filter bags from freezing, eliminating the need for manual start-stop operations. This smart feature allows the fan to run at a low, adjustable speed, achieving up to 85% electricity savings during winter mode compared to full-speed operation.


Netbook for
greenBOX 12
Control System


Designed for smaller shops with up to 12 workstations, the greenBOX 12 controller offers a cost-effective solution. Our Netbook for greenBOX 12, equipped with pre-installed Ecogate software, simplifies both the setup and monitoring of your system. Plus, its remote access capability allows us to provide you with prompt support and assistance, ensuring smooth operation and peace of mind.

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