Combustible Dust Explosion

Dust that isn't adequately removed is harmful for everything from employee health to finish quality, and can ultimately pose fire or explosion hazards.

Ecogate technology eliminates any settling in your main duct and greatly reduces in-factory dust accumulation.

This video explains how settled dust increases the risk of fires and explosions, which can cause catastrophic injuries, loss of life, and destruction of buildings.


NFPA Requirements

NFPA Safety

Most dust collection systems do not fulfill the current NFPA standards. With Ecogate, you rest assure that your dust collection will meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Standards 664 and 652.


Ecogate systems measure and regulate minimum air volume as well as minimum air velocity in the entire duct system which is a critical part of these standards.


Prevent Factory Fires

Other keys to dealing with dust successfully include implementing good processes and practices, automation, and staying informed


Further Reads

In places with many machines, many workers, and a lot of activity, there's always the possibility for disastrous accidents. We have many articles covering health practices and how Ecogate can help make your factory safer. Here are some that cover health topics from combustible dust explosions to silent killers like improper ventilation.

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Combustible Dust Incident Report
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The 2020 Combustible Dust Incident Report

This article covers how the statistics of all reported combustible dust incidents reported worldwide. To see the numbers on Materials Involved, Industries Involved and Equipment and Cause, click the link below.

278 Combustible Dust Incidents Recorded

This article covers how bad it can get if all the right variables meet. 278 accidents in one year is too many, and in most cases even preventable. Dust collection equipment has the largest percentage of combustible dust incidents.

What is the Fire Triangle

This article covers how fires actually get started and how they spread. By having a full understanding of fire and explosion basic, we can better deal with it and in most cases even prevent them.

Wood Dust - Cancer & Other Health Effect

This article covers the silent accidents. Wood dust is not an explosion, however it can be just as deadly to workers. Wood dust is known to cause terrible health effects such as dermatitis, allergic respiratory effects, mucosal and nonallergic respiratory effects, and cancer.

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