Ecogate started in the woodworking industry 15 years ago; we know this application very well. Our customers range from large automated factories such as Sauder and RSI Home Products as well as small custom woodworking shops. Savings range from 50% in fully automated factories all the way up to 75% in shops with custom production.

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The average workstation utilization in most printing & packaging factories is significantly below 100%, mainly due to job changes, jamming, and maintenance. It is necessary to maintain higher air velocities compared to the woodworking industry. We developed an advanced gate that can measure the air velocity at every drop in order to be able to properly operate our systems in the packaging & printing industries. Typical saving are in the 50% to 65% range.

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Average workstation utilization in welding shops is significantly below 100%, which leads to typical Ecogate savings of 50% to 80%. In welding shops, it is not necessary to maintain minimal airflow, and therefore it is easy to achieve significant energy savings. Our installations include many welding shops at high schools and universities. We also have an installation with 70 welding booths for US NAVY Shipyards. Shops at Universities and High Schools are often air conditioned; because the Ecogate system removes less air from the building, the energy savings on make-up air are significant.

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Pharmaceutical labs require precise control over the air velocity and volume in their ventilation systems, and Ecogate is unrivaled in providing this precision. Typical applications include tablet presses, coating, fluid bed drying, spray drying, blending, granulation and general room ventilation. While the filtration needs vary from site to site, Ecogate adjusts to each environment to perfectly set and match the velocities needed for any application.

Our pharmaceutical customers love the powerful analytics platform provided with our system.

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Ecogate installations in the Aerospace and Automotive industries include Zodiac, Cessna, Tesla Motors, Rolls-Royce, Williams F1, Boeing, and General Atomics. The uses of ventilation systems in these installations are varied; from model shops, fiberglass production, metalworking, fume collection, to woodworking shops for high-end airplanes. All the Ecogate system benefits are combined: energy savings, flexibility to adjust system after workstation changes, reduced noise, and reduced make-up air volume. Energy savings depend on the application and are typically 50% and higher.

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Food processing industries exhaust a variety of products, including grains, spices, cocoa, cereals, sugar, or dairy. Important considerations in the food processing industry include cross contamination as well as sanitary and food handling regulations. ECOGATE works with each of our customers individually to tailor our solutions to their needs.

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