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Upgrade your old greenBOX 8 system to our new greenBOX 12 controller at a discount of up to 54%.


How it works

Just send us a photo of your greenBOX 8 system and $950 (plus tax & shipping) and we will send you a brand new greenBOX 12 and up to 8 new Current Sensors.


The greenBOX 12 is compatible with your gates. It includes the ability to connect up to 12 machines, easy setup and monitoring through a Windows laptop, support for variable frequency drives, and many other enhancements. Your old sensors must be replaced, and new wires installed between sensors and the greenBOX 12. The greenBOX 12 has a free contact to start/stop your dust collector automatically...all you would need is an external contactor, like a magnetic starter; schematic diagram is provided in the greenBOX 12 user guide.

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More Workstations

The greenBOX 12 supports 4 more workstations than the greenBOX 8. Additionally, it can be paired with a second greenBOX 12 doubling the amount of workstations to 24!


Active Support

Support is available for the greenBOX 12. Older models such as the greenBOX 8 no longer have support available.


Sensor Options

The greenBOX 12 has more options for sensors, they are more reliable and can better suit your needs.


Remote Access

Remote Access is available for the greenBOX 12. In the case that something is off about your greenBOX 12, we can easily support it remotely, reducing potential time wasted. (Netbook Required)

Additional Discounts!

In addition to our Upgrade Program, we have special discount for selected Ecogate products. 



greenBOX 12, product number: EG.105.


Firmware is user updatable from the “Ecogate greenBOX 12 Setup & Monitoring Software”.


Approx. 10.4” x 14.6” x 3.3” (265 mm x 370 mm x 85 mm), green painted metal type 1 enclosure.


Approx. 7.3 Lb (3.3 kg) without power supply adapter.

Power Supply

Included power adapter 115V-230 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 40VA max.; 24V DC 2 Amps. Baseline consumption: 5W (0.15 Amps, 8VA); consumption will increase to 12W with one gate opening /closing, to 18W with two gates moving etc.

Ecogates Compatibility 

ECOGATE motorized gates 4” to 18” total 12 channels for gates/sensors (power supply 24 V DC for gates is included); up to two gates operated at a same time can be connected to one output; two greenBOX units can be connected together to control gates for up to 24 workstations.

Indication & Monitoring

INPUT SIGNAL (signal from sensor) indicators (12x), GATE OPEN status indicators (12x), POWER supply indicator, FAN RUN indicator, BYPASS indicator, SECURITY indicator, COMM (communication with Windows PC); all indicators are on board (inside greenBOX 12 enclosure); status can also be monitored via Windows PC connected via serial channel (up to 50 ft cable, longer cable with optional RS232/485 adapters) with “Ecogate greenBOX 12 Setup & Monitoring software”. Use USB to serial adapter (included) for computers without serial connector.   

Accessories (optional)

Motorized Ecogates 4” to 18” (EG204 -EG218), Ecogate VOLT Sensor, Ecogate Power MASTER variable frequency drive for 10 to 400 HP fan motors.

Inputs & Outputs

Inputs: Sensor input for each gate (if input is active, gate will be open). Input for “BYPASS” switch to open all gates and start dust collector; “SECURITY” input for connecting any customer securities; VACUUM INPUT for standard pressure transmitter 4 -20 mA, Outputs: free (dry) RUN contact to start/stop variable frequency drive (or fan via optional contactor if VFD is not used); START and STOP (dry contacts to start/stop dust collector, pulse about 1 sec.; RUN, START, STOP contacts rating: 24V DC or 230V AC, max. 1 Amp); analog output (4-20 mA) to adjust fan RPM via variable frequency drive (if VFD is used); output for the twelve motorized gates (+24V DC for gate opening, -24V DC for the gate closing).


Settings by using Windows PC with serial channel: gate timings (on delay, off delay, opening /closing time), gate diameters, percentage of required initially open gates (to maintain minimum transport air velocity), pressure compensation (for the workstations at the end of ducting) as a percent of the fan RPM, dust collector on delay (0-99 sec) and dust collector shut-off delay (0 to 99 minutes), variable frequency drive minimal and maximum RPM, security functions (configurable in setup: all gates can be open or closed in stop mode, fan can stop or start if security input is open; the fan can be stopped if pressure sensor is installed and “Stop at Error” function is enabled), cleaning function (to sweep duct in regular intervals, or at system stop), and inactivity time after power up, pressure sensor input settings (legend, sensor range, warning at, and sensor units).

(Windows software and a cable is delivered with system)

How Ecogate Works
Want to upgrade? 

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