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Ecogate Upgrade Program

greenBOX 12

Unlock the full potential of your dust collecting system by upgrading your legacy greenBOX 8 to our advanced greenBOX 12 controller. Benefit from up to 54% discount on the greenBOX 12 and sensors when upgrading through this program.

Upgrade from greenBOX 8 to greenBOX 12

Benefits of Upgrading to greenBOX 12

  • Support for 4 additional workstations, with the ability to connect a total of 12 machines.

  • Can be paired with a second greenBOX 12 to double the number of workstations to 24.

  • Active support and remote access available for greenBOX 12 (Netbook required).

  • Improved sensor options for enhanced reliability and customization.

  • Compatibility with existing gates 

  • Easy setup, and monitoring through a Windows Netbook (small notebook PC). The netbook is not necessary for normal operation, but makes setup and remote support smoother.

  • Support for variable frequency drives and other enhancements.


How the Upgrade Program Works

  1. Send us a photo of your greenBOX 8 system.

  2. Pay $1,800 (plus tax & shipping).

  3. Receive a brand-new greenBOX 12 and up to 8 new Current Sensors.


Compatibility and Installation

The greenBOX 12 is designed to be compatible with your existing gates. It requires replacing the old sensors and installing new wires between the sensors and the greenBOX 12. The greenBOX 12 also has a free contact to automatically start/stop your dust collector with an external contactor, such as a magnetic starter. A schematic diagram is provided in the greenBOX 12 user guide.

Limited-Time Special Offer: Upgrade Program plus 25% Off

Additional Discount on
Selected Ecogate Products

Take advantage of an extra 25% off selected Ecogate products when you participate in the Upgrade Program. To qualify, add the additional products to your Upgrade Program order. The discount is not valid if items are purchased separately.

Eligible Ecogate Products

  • Gate Bodies

  • Gate Motors

  • Additional Sensors

  • Cable

  • Additional greenBOX 12

  • Companion Flanges

Upgrade Program Form

Ready to Upgrade?


Enhance Your greenBOX 12 Experience with a Netbook

The greenBOX 12 controller is an intelligent solution designed to manage your dust collecting system. To make setup and monitoring more convenient, we offer a netbook pre-loaded with Ecogate software. This netbook not only simplifies the user experience but also enables remote access for our support team to provide assistance when needed.

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