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Power Master VFD: 
Ecogate's Variable Frequency Drive

Power Master VFD

Ecogate’s Power Master (VFD) seamlessly connects with our greenBOX Controller via industry standard Modbus RTU and adjusts the speed of the fan based on the controller’s real-time calculations.


It starts and stops your dust collector automatically, thus eliminating the need for maintenance personnel  to start the system manually before the shift, and stop it after shift. Which isn’t uncommon to be half an hour to an hour each time–wasting time and more importantly electricity.

The Power Master was developed in collaboration with industry-leader ABB, based on their top-of-the-line industrial Variable Frequency Drive ACS880 model which comes with the highest reliability, performance, and safety.

Simple Setup, Easy to Use, and Reliable

The Power Master VFD is designed for easy on-site configuration. The Ecogate Setup Assistant guarantees trouble-free VFD startup within a minute, streamlining installation. This minimizes downtime, time that could be costing your bottom line. 


Built with a NEMA-12 dust-proof cabinet, exterior heat sink, industrial air filters, and positive inside pressure, the Power Master VFD is designed for heavy-duty applications, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.

Advanced Connectivity and Control

Monitor your VFD status in real-time through the greenBOX or remotely, ensuring you always have access to vital information. With features such as Modbus communication, backup power supply for the VFD processor, and monitoring of critical VFD components, the Power Master VFD offers unparalleled connectivity and control. 

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Ecogate Setup Assistant

Setting up a Power Master VFD is a breeze with our Setup Assistant. Within a minute or two, you can have you Power Master up and running, saving you valuable time!


About the Hardware

​The Automatic, Stop, and Manual mode selector is installed on the front door, along with Enabled, Running, and Error door indicators. Two high-end pressure transmitters are integrated (one for fan pressure, the other for filter pressure).


Connecting to the Ecogate greenBOX control unit is simplified by using the Ecogate Master cable (communication occurs via Modbus RS485), compatible with all greenBOX models. Dry contacts for starting and stopping the dust collector on-demand are included, while an OK/Error signal from dust collector PLC serves as an Enable signal, halting the main fan if any issues arise with the dust collector.


The Power Master is available as a wall-mounted NEMA 12 (dust-proof) enclosure for 10 to 200 HP and as a standalone enclosure (NEMA 12 dust-proof) for 250 to 420 HP. Power Master VFD options range from 10 HP to 420 HP, in 240V, 460V, and 575V variants.


How 3rd Party VFDs Compare to the Power Master VFD

Feature Description

Power Master VFD

3rd Party VFD

Why it's Important

Modbus Communication and Control with VFD

Fee to integrate, test, and document 3rd party VFD to greenBOX control software

Ecogate VFD one minute setup wizard to program all parameters correctly

Fan and Filter pressure transmitters built-in, setup, and fully supported

Protection against duct system implosion by pressure sensor

Evaluation of VFD Warnings and Errors (translation of HEX code to plain English)

Ecogate helps solve VFD Warnings and Errors

The VFD Control Word, Status Word, and other values are transmitted via industry standard Modbus RTU

Implementing VFD to the greenBOX software requires work of a control-software engineer, user interface software engineer, and test engineer. All of them must read and comprehend several hundred pages-long VFD manuals

Each VFD uses hundreds of parameters that must be set correctly, it is time consuming, prone to error, and difficult to debug

The Fan and Filter pressure are important values to be monitored as a health check of the systems; this is why we implement them in Power Master VFD

Should anybody run the fan at full power with gates closed, the duct system could implode; however, the Power Master VFD will stop the fan

The VFD provides HEX code of the Error or Warning; its meaning is listed in hundred pages long manual, and it is frustrating to decode

Power Master VFD Errors and Warnings are displayed at greenBOX along plain English explanation of issue

Remote parameters reading and programming from greenBOX

It is possible to set parameters of the VFD remotely instead of traveling to customer site - saves lots of time and expenses

Intelligent Enable signal, Dust Collector automatic Start and Stop

Saves labor to Start/ Stop dust collector manually before and after shift, saves electricity, reduces wear & tear

Front door selector Auto-Stop-Manual

It's easy to understand by anybody how to run Power Master VFD by 3-position selector (instead of going to complex menus and using poorly described buttons)

Front door VFD status indicators

It's easy to understand by anybody the Power Master VFD door status indicators

Main power disconnect and fuses built-in

Built-in fast fuses protect the Power Master VFD and - combined with disconnect - allows to be installed without modification of local electrical panel

Ecogate terminals with identical labels at greenBOX and Power Master VFD for easy connectivity

One Ecogate Master cable connects all functions, and it is easy to connect with same terminals description at greenBOX and Power Master VFD

Backup power supply for the VFD processor

Allows to check the VFD Warnings/Errors via Modbus even without the main power supply (in case of failure); speeds up repairs

While it is possible to use third party VFDs, we strongly advise going with the Power Master. Our 25+ years of experience with VFDs have allowed us to integrate smart hardware and software features, simplifying your operations.

Is a VFD Alone Enough to Control a Fan?


The VFD can be used to adjust fan performance to run at the designed air volume, and at proper drop air velocities. But a VFD alone cannot be used to reduce energy consumption. 

Slowing down the fan without closing gates at non-active workstations is not possible. If you slow down the fan, air velocities at all workstations will drop under design drop air velocities, resulting in ineffective dustcollection. 

Adding standalone gates to the VFD without an intelligent control system to control minimum airflow is also not possible. For instance, if only one gate is open, the air velocity in the main duct will be too low, leading to dust settling and increasing the risk of fire or explosion.


To reduce the electricity usage of a dust collection system safely, the only option is using an intelligent Ecogate control system with Smart Gates, and Power Master VFD.

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