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On average, we save our customers 68% on their dust collection electricity bill. That's thousands of dollars more in your pocket every single month, from day one.


Don't waste that money on electricity you don't need - spend it on new machinery, expansions, or research that will move your company forward.

Industrial Electricity Savings



Ventilation Systems in Factories

Dust collection/exhaust ventilation is typically the largest electricity consumer in a factory, often accounting for more than 35% of the factory's total electricity bill. By making the ventilation system more energy efficient, Ecogate has saved some of our customers more than 20% off their entire factory's electricity bill.


Lifecycle Cost

Over the lifecycle of a dust collection system, electricity is the largest component of the system cost.


By reducing this expense by 68% on average, Ecogate pays for itself many times over during its lifetime.

Further Reads

The biggest savings will be reflected on your electricity bill. However, having a smart system also sprinkles savings in other areas that over time, add up, making Ecogate pay for itself even sooner. To learn how the innovation of Ecogate saves you even more money, please check out the articles below. 


Recycle Less, Save Money

This article covers how an Ecogate system has an impact in your factory ventilation. Often a factor not even considered, but savings well worth having. Factories in the coldest climate see the biggest savings.

Ecogate Savings in Cold Regions

This article covers how our technology can help you not only keep your machines working in cold climate, but also saving you money all the while! This article showcases our technology in action, see how an Ecogate customer in freezing temperatures benefitted from this. 


Fan Curve 101

An Ecogate system directs suction exactly where it's needed, exactly when it's needed. This is in essence how it saves you two thirds on average in electricity costs. But if you're curious, how it technically works, it's in the Fan Curve.

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