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Industrial Electricity Savings

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On-Demand System Savings

Ecogate's On-Demand System for industrial ventilation provides an average of 68% of electricity savings for your fume extraction or dust collection system. This translates to substantial financial savings every month, allowing businesses to invest in new machinery, expansion, or research & development for further growth. 


Total Cost of Ownership

The dust collection system is typically in use for 15 to 20 years. Ecogate-on demand ventilation systems lifetime cost is reduced by 35% to 40% compared to traditional dust collection systems (includes initial investment, maintenance, and electricity cost). An Ecogate System provides the most cost-efficient means of operating dust, fume, and mist collection systems.

Optimizing Factory Ventilation Systems


Industrial ventilation systems are often the largest electricity consumers in factories, accounting for up to 35% of the total factory electricity usage. By making the ventilation system more energy efficient, Ecogate has successfully saved many customers more than 20% on their entire factory's energy bills.

Ecogate: Cost or Investment?


Throughout the lifecycle of an industrial ventilation system, electricity is the single biggest contributor to a factory's energy costs. By embracing energy efficiency and lowering your energy use, the Ecogate System pays for itself many times over during its lifetime. 

Further Reads 

While the most substantial savings are reflected on your electricity bill, Ecogate's intelligent controls also provide additional cost-saving benefits, making Ecogate pay for itself even sooner. To learn more about these supplementary savings, please explore the articles below:


Ecogate Savings in Cold Regions

Explore a real-world example of how Ecogate's technology optimizes machinery performance in freezing temperatures while significantly using less energy. See how our energy efficient solutions help you maintain productivity and save on energy bills, even in the most challenging environments. 

The Industry Standard for Industrial Energy Efficiency

Ecogate's intelligent controls and energy efficient solutions are cost-effective ways to improve air quality, extend the life of your equipment, and increase the overall efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Embrace the industry standard for energy efficiency with Ecogate, and watch your savings grow.

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