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Your Ecogate system was engineered, installed, and commissioned to maximize the savings and performance of your ventilation system. Once your system is installed, life (in a factory) happens. Our customers around the world know this all too well.


The inevitable impact of factory life is where ecoCARE comes in.


Introducing ecoCARE

One Full Year of Expert Support for Ecogate Systems

With ecoCARE, enjoy a full year of expert support and analytics subscription (available for Smart Systems only) to safeguard your dust, fume, or mist collection system's performance. 


Over the past 25 years, we have seen countless machines get added, moved, or removed within thousands of factories across the world. While many of these changes aim to meet demand or boost production, some inadvertently overlook the optimization of their dust/fume/mist collection system, sacrificing proper ventilation or potential monthly savings. With ecoCARE at your side, you can confidently adapt to any change while preserving your system's top efficiency, along with enjoying other valuable benefits (detailed below).

ecoCARE Benefits

ecoCARE offers a range of valuable benefits designed to help you maintain and optimize your dust collection system:

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Leverage our web-based Data Analytics Platform to monitor your system's overall performance and track key data, including fan load, fan/filter pressure, average number of active gates, and VFD frequency. Easily review and compare your system's performance across different date ranges.

Daily & Monthly Reports

Daily & Monthly Reports

Receive concise reports that provide a snapshot of your system's overall performance, featuring key average values every month.  Our cloud servers send daily maintenance emails regarding system performance, as well as monthly emails for factory management about electricity savings and workstation utilization. Managers and supervisors appreciate this feature, as it allows them to understand factory performance, and to see room for potential improvements.

Special Discounts

Special Discounts

Enjoy preferred customer discounts on Ecogate products, such as blast gates, companion flange rings, sensors, and cables. This is particularly advantageous when expanding, replacing, adding new machines, or modifying your floor layouts.

Remote Support

Remote Support

Benefit from unlimited remote technical support during regular Ecogate business hours. This feature allows an engineer to examine your system in real-time for troubleshooting or technical assistance. Even without traveling, you can rely on an engineer to support your system.

Engineering Consulting

Engineering Consulting

Access up to 8 hours (for Platinum tier) of annual engineering consulting services focused on Ecogate-related tasks and processes that enhance your business's efficiency, environmental impact, and profitability.

Annual Site Visit

Annual Site Visit

Schedule an annual site visit from an Ecogate engineer for system updates, tune-ups, training, and more. We recalibrate the system to optimize ventilation system performance, including checking and optionally adjusting fan speeds, cleaning functions, and minimum airflow settings.

ecoCARE Plans


For Smart Systems equipped with a greenBOX NXT or greenBOX MASTER, we offer three tiers of ecoCARE+ that grant access to our exclusive web-based analytics platform, monthly summary emails, unlimited technical support, and varying levels of engineering consulting services and product discounts. For Standard Systems utilizing a greenBOX 12, please refer to the option detailed below.

ecoCARE Plans

Plus Level

The Plus level features an annual on-site visit by an Ecogate engineer to update, optimize, and provide user training for your system.

Platinum Level

Includes monthly monitoring and status reports by an Ecogate engineer. Additionally, enjoy priority status for support when you need it the most.

ecoCARE for Smart Systems




Access to Web-based Data Analytics
Ecogate Monthly Summary emails
Discount on additional gates, flanges, sensors & cable for this Facility (*)
Unlimited technical support during regular business hours
Engineering Consulting Services
4 hours
6 hours
8 hours
Annual System Optimization Tune-Up
Annual Site Visit by an Ecogate engineer for updates, tune-ups, training, and more
Priority Service & Support

ecoCARE for Standard Systems

Includes Netbook with ready to use Ecogate software.
Unlimited remote support during regular business hours.
Discount on additional gates, flanges, sensors & cable.
Up to 4 hours of engineering consulting services.
Annual System Optimization Tune-Up

Ecogate Netbook for greenBOX 12 Systems

Priced at $600, the Netbook for greenBOX 12 streamlines setup and monitoring processes. Equipped with all necessary Ecogate software, the Netbook enables us to help you via remote access, ensuring you receive timely assistance when needed.


For greenBOX 12 owners operating small to mid-sized shops, we recognize your distinct requirements and the value of expert guidance. That's why ecoCARE includes up to 4 hours of engineering consulting services, designed to enhance your shop's efficiency and optimize your system.

Pair ecoCARE with Your Ecogate System

ecoCARE serves as a comprehensive annual support subscription, specifically designed to assist our customers in managing their dust collection systems or fume extraction systems and ensuring optimal performance as their factory floor and machines evolve.


By offering a broad array of benefits, such as data analytics, remote support, and engineering consulting, ecoCARE enables you to make the most of your Ecogate system's intelligent controls, maximizing energy savings and efficiency.


Choose ecoCARE and join countless satisfied customers worldwide who experience the peace of mind that comes with a well-supported, energy-efficient dust collection system.

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