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Consultation &
engineering Services

Ecogate stands at the forefront of on-demand industrial ventilation, offering expert consultation and engineering services. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, we have set the standard for developing energy-efficient, on-demand systems designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Pioneers in On-Demand Industrial Ventilation


Data-Driven Design

Our engineers have evaluated and measured hundreds of ventilation systems globally, ranging from small shops to large manufacturing facilities. By analyzing the data from these reports and observing the mistakes made in actual factories, we have developed a comprehensive set of design best practices.


Design of New Industrial Ventilation Systems

Designing your new ventilation system with Ecogate, means meeting your current needs while anticipating future requirements. Our team of experienced engineers can help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to unbalanced duct systems, improper drop air velocities, and fan system errors - which even the biggest factories fall victim to.


Our duct designs are efficient and exact, resulting in lower pressure losses, and shorter, less expensive duct systems. Our design process encompasses air volume calculations, strategic placement of collectors and fans, optimal equipment recommendations, and duct layout optimization for reduced costs and improved efficiency. 


We'll provide a detailed report that includes calculations, drawings, and comprehensive explanations of our options and recommendations. Additionally, we'll provide a Safety Features Proposal that includes spark detection systems, no return valves, and fire suppression systems to ensure the safety of your facility.

Design of New System
Review of Existing System

Industrial Ventilation System Optimization Services

For existing systems we offer Optimization Services. Our engineers conduct on-site evaluations taking precise measurements of key ventilation values, including drops, branches, main duct air velocities, air volumes, pressure losses, and fan consumption measured by power analyzers. Using these measurements, we analyze your system's efficiency, comparing actual exhaust volumes and energy usage to optimal levels. We check the fan operating point and compare it to the fan curve to calculate potential savings, assess the dust collector design values against real ventilating values, and ensure that all necessary safety systems are in place.


If you're interested in our On-Demand Control System, we can also evaluate how much air volume the system will exhaust if it only ventilates to machines that are active and how much energy the system will save with an Ecogate System by evaluating workstations’ Active Utilization.


As part of our optimization service, we'll provide you with a real duct system layout schematics, along with detailed calculations and drawings that include plain English explanations of our options and recommendations.


Standard Duct Layout

Many traditional duct systems are designed with unnecessary complexity, with numerous turns and unnecessary pressure losses. These design flaws drive up the total cost of ownership by forcing the fan to consume more power over years of operation.


Optimized Duct Layout

Our system layouts have shorter ducts, fewer turns, and lower pressure losses, which reduces your fan's electricity consumption. Fans typically use the biggest motor in a factory, allowing significant savings to be immediately noticeable.

Carbon Reduction Evaluation
Engineer Site Visit
Ecogate Training

Energy Savings & Carbon Reduction Evaluation

Our Energy Savings & Carbon Reduction Evaluation can show you the potential yearly savings and incentives available when you add our technology to your existing system.


We conduct on-site measurements and calculate proposed electricity savings, and our precise DataMining technology is built into our system to make post-installation savings evaluation easy.


The accuracy of our report is so precise that utilities accept our data for savings evaluation, making the process even smoother.


Site Visit

For those needing tune-ups, recalibrations, or troubleshooting without an ecoCARE plan, our site visits offer essential support.


This service is invaluable for new owners of used Ecogate systems needing setup assistance or teams requiring operational training.


Enhance your system’s efficiency and team’s capability—contact Ecogate for an in-person checkup of your dust/fume/mist collection system.


Ecogate Technology Training

Despite our user-friendly interface, it's easy to miss out on powerful features. Navigating our advanced technology might seem daunting, but we're here to demystify it with Ecogate Training. Dive deep into how the Ecogate system works, and learn to troubleshoot with ease. Our training program is comprehensive, designed to simplify features and maximize your system's potential. 


Suitable for individuals or teams, our training is customized to fit your needs, mirroring the in-depth onboarding provided to our dealers. Elevate your team's expertise with Ecogate Training for optimal system performance and efficiency.

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