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With over 25 years of working with both traditional and on-demand industrial exhaust ventilation systems, Ecogate is the industry leader in energy-efficiency design.


Our engineers have measured and evaluated the performance of hundreds of ventilation systems from small shops to the biggest manufacturers all over the world. We've collected the data from all these reports, along with all the mistakes we've seen in real factories, to come up with a set of design best practices - that we use in the following ways. 



Whether you’re building a traditional or an on-demand ventilation system, we can help you design a system that not only meets your needs today but will also address many of the future. Our designs avoid the very common mistakes we’ve seen even the biggest factories commit, such as unbalanced duct systems, improper drops, and duct velocities, high losses caused by improper duct layout, and fan system errors.


Our engineers calculate the design of air volume, select the best possible location for dust collectors and fans, design an optimized duct layout to calculate total pressure losses, and select the proper dust collector and fan (which little to no technical documentation is broadly available). 


After collecting all measurements we’ll produce a report that presents you with the calculations and drawings along with options and recommendations. The report is supplemented with explanations written in plain English - after all, who wants to just see a bunch of data? Lastly, we also include in your package a Safety Features Proposal (spark detection system, no return valves, fire suppression systems). 


We will present results not just in calculation and drawings,  but also in presentation with plain English explanation of options and recommendations.



If you can’t design an efficient system from scratch, the next best thing is to optimize an existing system for efficiency. This service involves sending our engineers to do an on-site assessment and measurement of key ventilation values such as drops, branches, main dust air velocities, air volumes, pressure losses in the entire system, and fan consumption (measured by real power analyzers).


All these measurements will help us answer important questions about your system, such as 

  • How much air volume (CFM) should the system exhaust?

  • How much air volume (CFM) is the system actually exhausting? 

  • What is the total fan pressure?

  • How much energy is the system currently using?


If you are interested in Ecogate’s On-Demand System, we could also evaluate:

  • How much air volume (CFM) will the system exhaust if it only ventilates to machines that are actually cutting material (average working air volume)?

  • How much energy will the system use with an Ecogate System (savings calculations)?


Our engineers will check the fan operating point and compare it to the fan curve (this is how we calculate potential savings), check the dust collector design values and compare them to real ventilating values, and check what safety systems are in place (and which are not that should be).  


This service does include a real duct system layout drawing. Results are presented in calculations and drawings with plain English explanations of options and recommendations.

Design of New System
Review of Existing System


Based on a review of your existing system, we can offer several options for optimizing your system. Depending on our findings, we can propose systems consolidation, partial dust system redesign, or installation of an on-demand system. 


Including this service in your planning stage of scaling your factory could end up being the best decision financially. Increasing your system’s capacity will require some capital investment, however, our recommendations will take into consideration the capacity of your system with a smart controller. As explained in our video, an on-demand system only directs suction to workstations with active utilization, meaning that your fan now has the capacity for more workstations considering that not all will be on at the same time. 


If you’re thinking that your system requires suction to all or most of your workstations because they’re used most of the day, you are most probably over-estimating. Check out this article where we share our experience with thousands of maintenance managers whom overestimate this - and this is great because your factory could have more potential savings than you imagine.

Upgrade Proposals


Sustainability and Savings? Yes, you can have both. 


More and more corporate customers are looking to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint, making Ecogate systems an easy choice as our systems save on average 68% of the electricity compared to traditional dust collection systems (you can see the comparison to traditional systems here). The amount of electricity saved is significant because the fans are using the largest motors in the factory, and they are running the entire production time. We can propose an Ecogate on-demand system for both new and existing systems. For the existing system, we will do on-site measurements and calculate proposed electricity savings. 


We work with all US/Canada utility companies, and they accept our engineering measurements and calculations to propose incentives for the installation of energy-saving systems. Our DataMining built into the system is so precise that utilities accept our data for savings evaluation. Whether you’re looking to make an investment, or are encouraged by government policies, get your Energy Savings & Carbon Reduction Evaluation. After seeing the potential yearly savings you can achieve along with incentives you may qualify for, this could make your decision to install an on-demand ventilation system a ‘no-brainer’.

Carbon Reduction Evaluation

The traditional duct system layout is often unnecessarily long, with many turns and high-pressure losses, all of which make it more expensive to own. These high-pressure losses are what make the fan consume more power over the life of the system.


Our properly designed system layouts are optimized for efficiency with ducts that are shorter, with fewer turns and lower pressure losses. This results in lower electricity consumption from your fan and considering it’s one of the biggest motors in a factory, the savings are quite noticiable.



For Ecogate customers who need on-site support but do not have an ecoCARE plan (Plus or Platinum), we offer single site visits by an Ecogate engineer. These visits could be used for system tune-ups, recalibrations, or troubleshooting. 


This service is great if you’ve just purchased a used Ecogate system and need expert help in setting it all up. Some customers have used this service to have their maintenance staff get hands-on training on the Ecogate system. It always breaks our heart when we see a user not using all the features of their system for simply not knowing how to use it.

Engineer Site Visit


Because our technology is cutting edge, there is naturally a lot of complexity. Our user interface is designed to be user-friendly, but even so, there are so many features that are overlooked. Ecogate Training covers all the bells and whistles on how our technology works and how to troubleshoot it.


You’ll get the same technical training we offer dealers during their onboarding. We can tailor training to a single manager or a group.

Ecogate Training
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