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Automatic Blast gates


Most Advanced Gates on the Market

Unlock unparalleled control and efficiency in your On-Demand Dust Collection System with Ecogate Smart Gates—the industry’s most robust, advanced, and cost-effective automatic blast gate. Designed for the demands of industrial environments, these gates are equipped with real-time airflow monitoring and a variety of configurations to suit any application. Explore how our Smart Gates deliver unmatched control and reliability

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Smart Gates

Smart Gate Features


Real-Time Airflow Monitoring

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​Ecogate's patented Smart Gate is the world's only automatic blast gate that continually monitors air flow in its duct. Equipped with an embedded processor, these gates accurately read pressure, air velocity, and air volume, seamlessly communicating this data back to the greenBOX controller via Modbus communication. This real-time insight allows for maximum electricity savings and guarantees the exact air volume required is maintained throughout the entire duct system.

Efficient & Cost-Effective


​​Ecogate's Smart Gates are electronic blast gates that outperform pneumatic blast gates in both efficiency and cost. By eliminating the need for compressed air, our gates simplify installation and significantly reduce electricity costs throughout the system's life cycle. This also means zero air leakage issues. They’re operated by a 24V DC motor, providing efficient, low-power operation, minimizing energy use and operational expenses. 


Industrial-Grade Performance & Reliability

​​Our industrial-grade blast gates are trusted by factories worldwide, with tens of thousands in operation across various industries. Duct systems are heavy, creating a lot of force on gate bodies. The only solution is to install robust gates to ensure reliability for the long run. Ecogate Smart Gates are equipped with open and close limit switches to ensure proper functionality–without it, there's an increased risk of operational strain on the gates, potentially leading to motor fatigue and reduced lifespan. Available in zinc plated or stainless steel, you can rest assured that you're investing in high-quality rather than inexpensive alternatives. 



Butterfly Gate

​​Ecogate's Butterfly-Style Gates cater to specialized applications where  our usual rotating blade style Smart Gates may not be suitable. The butterfly gate comes with a silicone seal, providing an airtight closure when shut. Compatible with both positive and negative pressure environments, butterfly style gates are ideal for fume or mist applications, such as welding, chemical fumes, and mist oil, as well as those involving small amounts of fine dust, like in pharmaceutical production and food packaging. They can also be used for fine metal dust, thanks to the external placement of magnetic limit switches.


Standalone Gates
for Small Shops

Need one blast gate for your shop? Our Standalone Blast Gates offer an easy and cost-effective way to manage airflow for a few machines. The gate is designed to be connected to a 24V DC power supply and a workstation activity sensor, or alternatively, the gate can be operated for opening and closing using any dry contact (switch, relay, PLC) or with simple timers or switches for machines lacking an electrical panel.

A couple of Standalone Gates could be more affordable than a full On-Demand Control System while maintaining automation benefits. They are designed to be versatile and durable, accommodating various applications with rotating blade or butterfly styles. Upgrading to a complete Ecogate system is easy.


Further Reads

Available in Sizes 2" - 26"

Blast Gate Dimensions


To find the perfect fit for your industrial ventilation system, consult our comprehensive table of blast gate dimensions, available for sizes ranging from 2 to 26 inches. If you are using 3D CAD models for designing your systems we have 3D models of all gates available in STEP and 3D PDF file formats. Click the PDF icon for detailed information. 

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