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Ecogate's Standalone Gates

Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Small-scale Applications

Ecogate offers a versatile solution for shop owners who only need to control a few machines. Our Standalone Gates automatically open and close based on the workstation's activity sensor signal, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to manage airflow at specific machines without investing in a full control system.

Ecogate Standalone Motor
Standalone Motor

How do Standalone Blast Gates work?

The Standalone Gate requires a 24V DC power supply connection and a workstation activity sensor connected to the "SIGNAL" input on the gate's standalone motor via low voltage cable. Volt or Current sensors are ideal for standalone operated gates.

The gate can also be wired to a dry contact on your machine's electrical panel or connected to simple timers or switches for machines without an electrical panel, like a chop saw. A central controller (greenBOX) is not needed to manage the opening and closing of this gate.

When should you get a Standalone Gate?

Standalone blast gates are perfect for large systems where you only want to manage airflow at a few machines. They can help redirect airflow to highly utilized machines for better suction when rarely-used machines are not in operation.

Motor detached from gate
Motor detached from gate

Standalone Ecogates are cost-effective for those who need just a few automated gates. Plus, you can try a standalone blast gate before investing in a complete system, as it can be easily integrated into our control systems by simply swapping out the motor.

When should you avoid Standalone Gates?

Avoid Standalone Gates if you plan to equip all machines in your dust collection system with them. A complete blast gate system without a central controller can cause duct settling or collapse. For a fully automated central dust collection system, we recommend installing a complete control system.

Ecogate Standalone Gates vs. Competitors

Ecogate Standalone Gates excel in quality and performance compared to other options on the market:

Standalone Motor electronics
Ecogate Technology
  1. Electrically operated (not pneumatically), reducing maintenance costs. No compressed air required.

  2. Made from industrial reinforced galvanized steel and available with zinc or stainless steel plating for outdoor use. Durable under heavy industrial usage.

  3. Our latest motor design and enclosure ensure reliable performance with no failures when installed correctly.

  4. Available in guillotine style (woodworking, metalworking) or butterfly style (fumes, oil/mist applications).

  5. Patented design and technology provide versatility and uncompromised performance for all application needs.

  6. Easily integrated into a full system, requiring only a motor replacement—just two screws and you're done!

For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


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