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Updated: Apr 12

We can design a full system to cover factories with over 180 machines. All controlled by a single greenBOX MASTER controller. But what if you only need to control one?

Ecogate has a solution for shop owners that just want to control a handful of their machines. A Standalone Gate automatically opens/closes based on workstation activity sensor signal.

Standalone Motor

How do Standalone Blast Gates work?

It's quite simple, the gate must be connected to a 24V DC power supply and the workstation activity sensor must be connected to the “SIGNAL” input on the gate’s standalone motor via low voltage cable. (The best sensors for standalone operated gates are Volt or Current sensors).

The gate can also be wired to a dry contact on your machine’s electrical panel, if one is available. Simple timers or switches will also work for machines that do not have an electrical panel, like a simple chop saw for example. And the best part is, you do not need a central controller (greenBOX) to manage the opening and closing of this gate.

When should you get a Standalone Gate?

Standalone blast gates are optimal if you have a large system but just want to manage airflow at a few machines and not your entire system. For example, if you have a few machines in the back of your shop that are used very seldom, you may want to consider installing standalone blast gates on them.

The benefit here is that by closing off suction to machines that are rarely utilized, you will redirect airflow to your highly utilized machines, like a CNC or Router for example, and get better suction in those places. When you are ready to use a machine with a standalone gate installed on it, simply start using it or flip the switch or timer if you have one of those installed and the gate will automatically open, giving you great suction while in use.

Standalone Ecogates are more cost effective than a whole control system if you just need or want to purchase a few gates but still want the automation. And the best part is, you'll never have to worry about the hassle of remembering to open and close a manual blast gate ever again!

Motor detached from gate

Also, something else to keep in mind is that purchasing a standalone blast gate is also a great way to test one of our Ecogates for yourself before purchasing a complete system with us. You can integrate any standalone blast gate into one of our control systems simply by swapping out the motor - 2 screws and you're done.

When should you not get a Standalone Gate?

You should not get these if you are planning on equipping all of the machines on your dust collection system with them. Any complete blast gate system without a central controller to manage the operation can lead to either settling in your ducting system or a duct collapse.

A duct collapse can happen if a dust collector’s fan turns on and attempts to start pulling air but all of the gates at every machine are closed. Therefore, we recommend installing a complete control system if you wish to equip your entire central dust collection system with automatic blast gates.

Ecogate Standalone Gates vs Market

Ecogate Technology

Like any other great product, there will be other options on the market. Some win on price, others win on value. Here's how Ecogate Standalone Gates are superior:

  1. Electrically operated (not pneumatically), which make them less expensive to maintain. No compressed air is required.

  2. Made from industrial reinforced galvanized steel and come zinc plated or stainless steel plated (for outdoor use) if needed. They last under heavy industrial usage.

  3. Since upgrading our motors to our latest design and enclosure, we have never had one fail if they are installed properly.

  4. They also come in guillotine style (for woodworking, metalworking) or in butterfly style (for fumes, oil/mist applications).

  5. Our gates are versatile to accommodate all application needs without compromising on performance with our patented design and technology.

  6. Adding a standalone gate to a full system is easier as our gate bodies are the same and only the motor would need to be replaced - again, just 2 screws and you are done. Yes, it's that easy!

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Author: Daniela Petrescu

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