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Capital Cost Avoidance with Ecogate

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

This blog post is about avoiding unnecessary capital expenditures with Ecogate. “Wait a minute,” you’re thinking, “if I’m buying your system, how am I avoiding a capital cost?”

Glad you asked.

Ecogate intelligent ventilation has many benefits: outstanding energy efficiency, detailed information & usage analytics, a cleaner and quieter working environment, decreased maintenance costs, and often ultimately avoided capital costs.

By using the dust collector and fan on-demand, Ecogate decreases the total air volume going through your fan and filter for a given number of workstations. Conversely, for a fan of a given size, a greater number of workstations can be connected and serviced than would be possible with a traditional static dust collection system.

This was the case at our recent installation at Brentwood Corp. in Mollala, Oregon. Brentwood’s expanding production requirements had left the facility with a dust collection system that was no longer able to keep up with demand, resulting in poor suction on some machines.


This 250 HP dust collector serves the manufacturing part of Brentwood Corp.’s facility.

The traditional route of adding a new dust collector represented a substantial capital investment as well as a permanent increase in electricity and maintenance costs. Ecogate, on the other hand, offered to improve suction at all machines and add capacity to the system while cutting the electricity bill for dust collection by 58%.

The theme here is that more power isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes, adding intelligence into the mix delivers better results while being the cheaper and more ecological solution.

For more information about the Ecogate system at Brentwood Corp., read our case study. To find out more about the Ecogate system, have a look at our website, or contact us directly.