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Reducing Energy Costs by 50%: Hardwood Industries and Ecogate’s On-Demand Dust Collection

Hardwood Industries

About Hardwood Industries

Founded in 1981, Hardwood Industries, Inc. is a value-added wholesaler and distributor with an unwavering commitment to superior customer service. Occupying over 250,000 square feet across six locations—including their headquarters in Sherwood, Oregon—the company has cemented its reputation on delivering quality products. Guided by a customer-first philosophy, Hardwood Industries focuses on building and maintaining long-term relationships with their clients, irrespective of the size or complexity of the sale. Financial stability is a core pillar of their corporate strategy, aimed at both sustaining and expanding their customer base. Living by the mantra "Partners in Success Since 1981," the company emphasizes that the mutual respect and loyalty between them and their customers is the cornerstone of their long-standing success.

Innovation in On-Demand Dust Collection

Before partnering with Ecogate, Hardwood Industries was grappling with escalating energy costs and the inefficiency of running four separate traditional dust collectors. These units, ranging between 125-250 HP, serviced around 35-40 workstations, consumed too much energy and lacked real-time adaptability to the company's manufacturing needs.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Hardwood Industries is no stranger to optimizing its manufacturing operations. Despite facility investments in lighting, compressors, and VFDs, it was the introduction of Ecogate's On-Demand System that marked a pivotal moment. Operations Manager Chad, a seasoned industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, first witnessed the Ecogate system at Brentwood's woodworking facility. Instantly recognizing its transformative potential, Chad knew that Ecogate would elevate Hardwood Industries' operations to an unparalleled level of efficiency.

After conducting a comprehensive assessment, our engineers pinpointed how Ecogate technology could enhance system performance while significantly reducing electricity consumption. The evaluation showed that they could actually eliminate one of the four systems altogether! With this insight, an Ecogate On-Demand System made a lot of financial sense.

Immediate Savings and Increased Capacity

Hardwood Industries - kWh per Month

The system was set up and wired all within one weekend. From the moment the Ecogate system was operational, Hardwood Industries experienced tangible financial benefits. Chad observed an immediate 20% reduction in their energy bill, translating to around $4,500-$5,000 in monthly savings. This was more than just a cost advantage—it was an operational game-changer. The newfound savings allowed them to augment production by adding more machines.

Hardwood Industries Facility

Notably, the Ecogate system's adaptability empowered Hardwood Industries to meet fluctuating demand seamlessly. When demand peaks, the system scales up efficiently; when it drops, energy consumption scales down accordingly. In short, Hardwood Industries now has granular control over their energy consumption, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to market conditions.

Although Hardwood Industries had already implemented a series of equipment upgrades aimed at reducing energy costs, it was the integration of the Ecogate system that delivered the most substantial savings dramatically lowering their energy bills by 40-50%!

Ecogate a Must-Have for any Wood Shop

While the considerable savings and capacity enhancements are headline-grabbing features of an Ecogate On-Demand System, its reliability shouldn't be overlooked. Chad lauded the system for "working perfectly as it should." Though perhaps less glamorous than saving thousands of dollars, the system's consistent performance offers a refreshing assurance that it delivers on its promises (can’t really say the same about other solutions on the market).

"I personally feel that Ecogate is a must-have for any shop. Energy prices are never going to go down; if you can control and manage what you consume, it's a no-brainer. I think the data speaks for itself." - Chad Bentley, Operations Manager at Hardwood Industries

As Hardwood Industries continues to expand, adding new workstations is a seamless process. With each new machine, they purchase an additional Ecogate and effortlessly integrate it into the existing setup. Remarkably, the Ecogate system self-recalibrates to optimize airflow across the entire duct system, maintaining consistent efficiency despite system changes.

Hardwood Industries Daily Report

Daily & Monthly Reports

Ecogate's automated reporting system sends Daily and Monthly Reports directly to your inbox. For example, let's take a look at a recent report from Hardwood Industries. These reports offer a concise snapshot of your system’s key metrics, such as Average Workstation Utilization, Total Energy Consumed, and—most importantly—Energy Savings.

As a bustling, high-volume woodworking manufacturer, Hardwood Industries faces unique challenges. Yet, they still manage to achieve 40-50% energy savings across all three systems, a remarkable feat.

The report’s clear layout makes it easy to see into your system’s performance at a glance and can serve as a handy morning system check. As Chad noted, when business flows as expected, the report mirrors that stability. Should any anomalies arise, they’re easily noticeable, enabling timely responses.

"The Ecogate reports offer a wonderful, easy-to-read format. They help alert you to anything that may need immediate attention. Make sure to look at this daily; if business is normal, the report should have similar data daily." - Chad Bentley, Operations Manager at Hardwood Industries

Future Success

The partnership between Ecogate and Hardwood Industries doesn't end with the impressive numbers on the monthly reports or the immediate operational improvements. The real testament to the Ecogate system's efficacy is Hardwood Industries' plans for the future. Thrilled with the quantifiable benefits and operational agility the Ecogate system provides, Hardwood Industries has expressed keen interest in expanding this solution to their facility in Seattle.

In the long run, Hardwood Industries aims to cultivate a culture of energy-conscious manufacturing, and they see Ecogate as a cornerstone in that journey. We look forward to growing with them, as they set new benchmarks in energy efficiency and operational excellence.

Author, David Vera


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