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The Road to $1 Million: Shutler Cabinets' Ongoing Savings with Ecogate

About Shutler Cabinets

Shutler Cabinets Inc.
Shop foreman Chris Williams and owner David Shutler. Source: Woodshop News

Established in 1985 from the confines of a modest garage, Shutler Cabinets has evolved into an industry leader with multiple relocations to accommodate its escalating operations, the latest occurring in 1997. Specializing in custom cabinetry, the company serves a diverse clientele across residential and commercial sectors.

Through close collaborations with architects and interior designers, Shutler Cabinets brings their visions to life. Their portfolio extends beyond traditional kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room cabinetry to include custom-built home offices, media centers, fireplace mantels, bars and commercial casework. Complementing their woodwork, they offer an array of countertops made from laminate, granite, quartz, and Corian. With a dedicated team that exemplifies skill, integrity, and a strong work ethic, Shutler Cabinets consistently delivers top-tier custom solutions, earning the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

Shutler Cabinets Facility
Shutler Cabinets Facility

Shutler Cabinets' Commitment to High-Tech Innovation and Growth

Owner David Shutler and Shop Foreman Chris Williams have always embraced cutting-edge technology. "If it saves us time and money, we’re all over it," says Chris. This forward-thinking approach got them featured in Woodshop News in an article called "Adapting to the Times." The article explores the many ways Shutler Cabinets has grown and how they aren’t afraid to invest in new machines to increase their production capabilities. It also talks about how the company uses advanced tools like CNC routers to deal with the shortage of skilled labor.

If you’re interested in reading the article, click here.

Long-Term Reliability: An Ecogate Hallmark

Control Unit Model: greenBOX Master
Control Unit Model: greenBOX Master

Shutler Cabinets installed their Ecogate System (Control Unit Model: greenBOX Master) back in 2004. Their dust collection system services more than 40 workstations and their manufacturing facility has a team of 10 woodworkers. They originally installed Ecogate's legacy plastic gates. Over the years, the system has remained working efficiently, with some gates upgraded to our modern metal blast gates, specifically designed for heavy industrial use. This is an Ecogate system that is going on two decades of smooth operation!

“You don’t really have to do anything. It just runs, it’s just there everyday saving you money. I wish everything ran as smooth as that [Ecogate System] does” - Chris Williams, Shop Foreman

The Ecogate system introduced Shutler Cabinets to the concept of On-Demand Dust Collection. Chris revealed that if he had known about Ecogate earlier, he would have undoubtedly opted for a smaller dust collector. Currently, they're only utilizing 30-40% of their collector's capacity (with Ecogate). While this could have been an area for additional cost savings, they find comfort in knowing their existing system has ample room for growth, at least double.

“Even with having all workers constantly at a workstation, that still leaves three quarters of workstations unoccupied. I can double what I have here and not have to get another dust collector” - Chris Williams

Nearly Two Decades of Significant Savings

Beyond increasing system capacity, the most notable impact for Shutler Cabinets has been on their bottom line. Since integrating Ecogate in 2004, they've saved an estimated $4,000 to $5,000 each month. That's an annual saving of $48,000 to $60,000, cumulatively nearing a whopping $1 million in savings by the end of 2023! Considering energy prices have both doubled and tripled since their initial installation, the Ecogate system has proved to be a vital component of their financial strategy.

Located in the Northeast U.S., a region known for its harsh winters, Shutler Cabinets faced heating challenges before implementing Ecogate. Their traditional dust collection system operated at full capacity, putting extra strain on their HVAC system to reheat expelled air. Since transitioning to Ecogate, and operating at just 30-40% capacity, the load on their HVAC system has been significantly reduced. This not only saves additional electricity costs but also minimizes wear and tear on their HVAC system—a tremendous advantage in colder climates like the Northeast.

A Symphony of Quiet Efficiency

Another understated advantage of adopting an On-Demand Dust Collection System is the substantial noise reduction in the workshop. According to Chris, the sound level has dropped by an estimated 7-8 decibels since the Ecogate installation. While it might not be a shiny benefit like saving thousands of dollars every month, the quieter workspace is a quality-of-life improvement that Shutler Cabinets greatly appreciates.

“It’s amazing how much quieter it is in here without that thing running at full blast all the time, we got compliments on that” - Chris

Many people don't realize just how loud dust collectors can be when operating at full capacity. The contrast in noise level becomes evident when you experience a dust collector working at a more moderate 30-60% capacity, as opposed to one that's roaring like a jet engine at full throttle.

An Open Invitation for Skeptical Prospects

Chris Williams doesn't just talk the talk; he's ready to walk the walk by sharing concrete data and personal experiences with anyone still on the fence about Ecogate. Shutler Cabinets is the ideal testimonial, having reaped the benefits of their Ecogate system for close to two decades. From cost savings to automated efficiency, Chris is confident in saying that choosing Ecogate's On-Demand System is an obvious choice. You can bet he'll also mention the quieter work environment as part of his glowing review.

Shutler Cabinets and Ecogate: A Symbiosis of Innovation and Efficiency

Shutler Cabinets stands as a prime example of how wise investments in technology like Ecogate can both elevate operational efficiency and dramatically cut costs. As we conclude this Success Story, one thing is abundantly clear: this is a relationship built to last, a testament to what a company can achieve when it aligns its quest for efficiency with the right technology.

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Interested in unlocking similar savings with Ecogate? Want to speak with Chris directly? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Author, David Vera


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