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A Silent Benefit - Dust Collection Noise Reduction

Dust Collection Noise Reduction

Ecogate's Lesser-Known Advantages

The eco-friendly and economic benefits of installing an Ecogate solution, such as reducing a company's carbon footprint and cutting the electricity required to operate their filtration system by an average of 68%, are well-known. However, a lesser-discussed advantage of implementing Ecogate is the significant reduction in noise generated on the shop floor, leading to increased worker productivity in a quieter environment.

Effective Noise Reduction with Ecogate

While other solutions can help reduce the sound dispersion of a dust collection system, nothing is more effective than a fan running at reduced speed and closed outlets on machines that aren't producing dust (thanks to automatic Ecogate gates). Additionally, the Ecogate system starts and stops dust collection on-demand, further reducing noise levels.

The Link Between Ambient Noise and Worker Productivity

The Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction conducted extensive studies to determine if a link exists between ambient noise and worker productivity. The full study can be found here.

Preliminary findings from the study indicated that exposure time did not have a significant effect on performance. However, subjects tended to rate signals as louder and more "hissy" earlier in time. The study also found that the perception of noise could impact performance.

The Impact of Noise on Employee Satisfaction

A less quantifiable impact of noise on the production floor is that employees find it distracting, leading to less desirable working conditions. With the current competition for staff members, why risk noise being the factor that drives away a talented employee?

Case Study: SCI-Arc's Optimized Dust Collection System

In a recent case study, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) showcased the effectiveness of an Ecogate system in creating a quieter environment. The system at SCI-Arc, installed in 2017, not only improved overall dust mitigation but also significantly reduced mechanical noise. This allowed for better instruction and communication between students and staff in the busy academic environment. After further optimization during a routine check, the system now provides an even quieter environment when tools are inactive or when instructors are speaking. The noise reduction substantially contributes to a more conducive learning atmosphere. To read the full case study and learn more about how the Ecogate system benefited SCI-Arc, click here.

Conclusion: Explore the Benefits of Ecogate

If you're interested in learning more about the noise reduction, eco-friendly, or economic benefits of installing an Ecogate solution, please contact us directly.


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