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A Silent Benefit - Dust Collection Noise Reduction

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The green and economic benefits that a company receives from installing an ECOGATE solution are widely discussed and known. That a customer can reduce their carbon footprint and the electricity required to operate their filtration system by an average of 67% is understood.

What about though a less discussed benefit from installing ECOGATE, that of a significant reduction in the noise generated on the shop floor and the associated increase in worker productivity from being in a quieter environment?

While solutions are available to reduce the sound dispersion of a dust collection system, there is nothing more effective than a fan that is running at reduced speed, and closed outlets on machines that are not producing dust (by automatic Ecogate gates). Another benefit is that the Ecogate system is starting and stopping dust collection on demand: the quietest dust collector is the one that is not running!

The Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction did extensive studies on determining if a link existed between ambient noise and worker productivity. A link to the full study can be found below.

Preliminary findings of this study indicated that exposure time did not have a significant effect on performance, but subjects tended to rate signals as louder and more hissy earlier in time. It was also found that perception of noise can impact performance.

A less quantified impact of noise on the production floor is that employees find noise a distraction, making for a less desirable working condition. With the current competition that exists for staff members today, why take the chance that this will be what chases away a rock star employee?

If you are interested in learning more about the noise, green or economic benefits of installing an ECOGATE solution, please contact us directly.

Effects of Noise on Productivity: Does Performance Decrease Over Time?

Author: Richard Melrose