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An Ecogate System, 15+ Years Later

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

New products are exciting, and like every other company, we're always excited to flaunt the newest and latest. Recently, we got to see one of our systems in action, and it was anything but the newest and latest. It was none other than a greenBOX PRO, which was installed over 15 years ago at Cal Poly Pomona - and spoiler alert, it was just as exciting.

Cal Poly Pomona

An Ecogate system was installed at Cal Poly's College of Environmental Design (ENV) Model Shop over 15 years ago. Delmer Guillen, Instructional Support Technician III, who has been running the shop for 6 years is committed to having the dust collection system run as efficient as possible for his students. The shop serves students inside the College of Environmental Design, and it is heavily used by the Architecture and Landscape Architecture departments.

As a Safety Coordinator, Delmer's main priority is to ensure the shop is as safe as possible for all students and staff. Recently, Delmer reached out to us when he noticed a couple of gates were not physically opening or closing. Our Lead Field Engineer, Thanh Vu, answered the call and visited ENV Model Shop with a slight wonder on what to expect from a system that has been running for over a decade and a half.

Ecogate Legacy System

During our visit we troubleshooted the issues that Delmer had identified, but also took the opportunity to tune-up and walk him through the system's software to get more efficiency from the system. We installed the greenBOX Pro setup and monitoring software, which helps identify all gates, as well as test them one by one - which is exactly what we did. After testing every single gate, we came to the conclusion that the couple of gates that were failing were not failing because of the motor, but instead because the gear slots needed some adjusting.

This experience has help me identify faulty blast gates and get a understanding of the dust collection system. I am now in better position to support the dust collection system in the ENV Model Shop. - Delmer Guillen, Instructional Support Technician III

The settings on greenBOX were also adjusted to close more gates when they are not being used so more suction can be used for the active tools. All of the gates (23-24) are in good shape now and functioning.

Equipment Lifecycle for Dust Collection Systems