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An Ecogate System, 15+ Years Later

New products are exciting, and like every other company, we're always excited to flaunt the newest and latest. Recently, we got to see one of our systems in action, and it was anything but the newest and latest. It was none other than a greenBOX PRO, which was installed over 15 years ago at Cal Poly Pomona - and spoiler alert, it was just as exciting.

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona

Over 15 years ago, an Ecogate system was installed at Cal Poly's College of Environmental Design (ENV) Model Shop. Delmer Guillen, Instructional Support Technician III, who has managed the shop for six years, is dedicated to ensuring the dust collection system runs as efficiently as possible for his students. The shop serves students within the College of Environmental Design and is heavily utilized by the Architecture and Landscape Architecture departments.

As a Safety Coordinator, Delmer's main priority is maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff. He recently contacted us when he noticed that a few gates were not opening or closing properly. Our Lead Field Engineer, Thanh Vu, visited ENV Model Shop, curious about what to expect from a system that had been running for over a decade and a half.

Ecogate Legacy System

During our visit, we troubleshooted the identified issues and took the opportunity to tune-up the system and walk Delmer through the software for improved efficiency. We installed the greenBOX Pro setup and monitoring software, which helps identify and test all gates one by one. After testing each gate, we determined that the failing gates were due to gear slot adjustments, not motor issues.

This experience has help me identify faulty blast gates and get a understanding of the dust collection system. I am now in better position to support the dust collection system in the ENV Model Shop. - Delmer Guillen, Instructional Support Technician III

We also adjusted the greenBOX settings to close more gates when not in use, allowing for increased suction for active tools. All 23-24 gates are now in good shape and functioning.

Equipment Lifecycle for Dust Collection Systems

Our visit was a success, and we're happy to have helped Delmer improve his shop's efficiency. Additionally, we're thrilled that this visit showcased one of our key benefits for our Ecogate Solution.

Ecogate - Reliability

Reliability is crucial when purchasing equipment for industrial settings. Factories need reliable machines to maintain high production volumes, as any decrease impacts profit margins.

While new products are exciting, seeing old products performing as intended, outlasting alternative options by years, is also exhilarating. When making capital investments in your factory, consider the equipment lifecycle as a key factor. Understanding the true cost of capital expenses and estimating the total cost of ownership are essential, as the money saved on not having to replace parts early can be used to expand your factory. Read more about the Equipment Lifecycle for Dust Collection Systems.


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