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Traditional vs Smart Industrial Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Traditional Dust, Fume, & Mist Collection Systems

Traditional air filtration systems typically operate by providing continuous suction to all workstations in the factory, regardless of whether they are actively producing particulates or not. This means that every machine or workstation is connected to the collection system and receives constant suction throughout the shift, even if the machine is not producing dust (fume or mist).


Traditional Dust Collection System

The animation on the left depicts a conventional dust collection system in action, with red arrows illustrating the airflow and white particulates indicating the dust generated by each machine in the ducts. However, less than half of the machines are actually producing dust at any given time (a green glow illustrates when a machine is actively producing dust), yet the dust collector runs at full capacity throughout the shift.

The cost of powering these dust collection systems can be significant for woodworking factories, with up to 30% of the entire factory's electricity bill often allocated to dust collection. 

If your factory has a system like this, you're losing money.
You need an On-Demand System, powered by Ecogate.

On-Demand Dust, Fume, & Mist Collection Systems Using Ecogate

To overcome this problem, Ecogate's automation technology offers an energy-efficient solution for dust collection, fume extraction, and mist extraction systems. 


In just five straightforward steps, discover how Ecogate technology automates your dust or fume extraction system, saving you time and money, while improving system performance. Additional benefits include enhanced data analytics, improved indoor air quality, and reduced energy costs, among others.

Automatic Blast Gates


Traditional industrial ventilation systems for dust, mist, and fume extraction often operate continuously for all factory machines, regardless of their usage status (it’s like leaving the lights on in every room of a house, even when unoccupied). In contrast, an on-demand dust, fume, and mist collection system employs a gate at each workstation to close ventilation when the workstation is not generating dust, mist, or fumes.

Ecogate gates are designed to be heavy-duty and are powered by a reliable 24V DC industrial motor. These gates are more cost-effective than pneumatically operated alternatives, both in terms of initial investment and operational costs. Ecogate gates come with either a zinc-plated or stainless steel body, ensuring durability and suitability for various applications. Additionally, butterfly-style gates are available and are ideally suited for fume or mist applications, such as welding, chemical processing, and mist oil management.

Fully Automated Industrial Ventilation System

The system is designed to be fully automated, allowing users to simply use their workstations. The dust (fume or mist) collection system will automatically start with the first workstation and stop once the last workstation is no longer in use. Additionally, the dust collector will start and stop on demand, reducing wear and tear as well as electricity consumption. Experience the satisfaction of knowing that your new system uses only a third of the electricity compared to traditional ventilation systems, all while delivering superior performance.

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