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Traditional collection systems work by providing constant suction to all workstation drops in the factory. Every machine or workstation is connected to the collection system and gets constant suction whether it is working or not.


It is common for the system to run from the beginning of the shift to the end of the shift - even during breaks!


The animation on the left shows a classically designed DUST CONTROL system in operation. The airflow is illustrated with long, red arrows. The dust created by each machine is illustrated with little white particles in the ducting.


This animation illustrates exactly which machine is producing dust and when this happens. Less than half of the machines are producing dust at any given time, yet the dust collector is running at 100% the entire time.


Woodworking factories spend a lot of money powering their dust collection systems. Frequently between 30%-50% of the entire factory's electricity bill goes to dust collection.

With simple math, we could see that they're paying for 100% of something they're not using at 100%. 

If your factory has a system like this, you're losing money.

If your system looks like this, you need the Ecogate Solution.




Not all machines need suction at all times so a solution to have full control of turning the suction on and off at each machine is needed. To do this we install Ecogate Automatic Blast Gates at each machine.


These blast gates are made for heavy industrial use. They are available with a zinc-plated or stainless steel body. 


Additionally, the gate bodies also come in a different design (Butterfly Style Gates) which is ideal for fume or mist applications (welding, chemical, fumes, mist oil).


Step 2 - SENSORS

Sensors are needed to determine when a machine is in active operation and requires dust control. There are multiple sensor options, each ideal for different types of applications. 


When the machine is on and in use, the sensors detect this and send the signal to the Ecogate greenBOX controller​. The controller opens and closes the gate at the machine every time it needs suction. It does this for all machines in real-time.


The automation even covers you during breaks or at the end of the day - when all machines are off, the system automatically turns off, saving you all that electricity that is put to no use.



​The brain of the entire system is the greenBOX, which comes in 3 levels of capacity. The greenBOX 12 is for smaller shops, the greenBOX NXT is for medium sizes, and the greenBOX MASTER is for the biggest factories.


All gates, all sensors, and the VFD are connected to the controller. The sensors communicate with the greenBOX which takes that information and opens/closes gates while also communicating with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).


The greenBOX in the illustration to the right is the greenBOX MASTER (right side).


Step 4 - VFD

​Maintenance of minimum airflow is a critical step in designing a safe and effective filtration system. Failure to have this could result in catastrophic consequences as the dust that is allowed to settle in the ducting poses a real fire and explosive risk.


Ecogate's Power Master is a VFD that is designed to modulate the speed of the collector fan to always provide the right amount of air volume based on workstation activity. Varying the speed of the fan often allows fan usage to drop by 30-40% and since electricity power use varies with the cube of the air volume, electricity savings that result are typically between 50% and 75% from the pre-installation baseline.



​The Ecogate solution is an automated system that saves you money every year through reduced electricity usage. Additional benefits include improved system performance, extended fan and filter time as well as a cleaner, quieter and safer work environment.


For customers using the NXT or Master controller, additional value is generated from onboard and automatic data analytics which provide you with easy access to information about your factory utilization and the performance of your dust collection systems. 


Having detailed data available 24/7 means you could make better decisions. Whether you're expanding your factory and need the current utilization of machines to know which one to move/remove/add or don't want to rely on operator feedback with maintenance departments to prevent catastrophic accidents, Ecogate Analytics will provide substantial data you could use.

Ecogate Analytics gives you the ability to collect, store and access data over a specified period. Data such as main duct velocity, fan pressure, filter pressure, and bearing temperature recorded over an extended period can be used to troubleshoot and extend the lifetime.

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