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Ecogate Sensor Cable
  • Ecogate Sensor Cable - Max 600V

    SKU: EG.306
    1 Foot

    Connects your Ecogate sensors installed at workstations (volt and current sensors) to Ecogate Standard or Smart Gates.

    • For easy installation, we recommend using Ecogate's cable to connect Standard/Smart Gates and Power Master VFDs to the greenBOX control units, as well as to connect sensors to the gates.


      The Ecogate Sensor Cable connects the Ecogate volt and current sensors at workstations to the Ecogate Standard/Smart Gates. As these sensors are installed within the workstation's electrical cabinet, the voltage can reach up to 480V, and 600 V AC in Canada. To ensure safety, the Sensor Cable is equipped with 600V RMS insulation.

    • Compatible Cable: Alpha Wire P/N 6632 or compatible
      Color: White
      Outer Diameter: 0.167" (4.24 mm)
      Conductors: 2-conductors, stranding 7x30, tinned copper, 8 twists per ft
      Conductors Size: AWG 22
      Insulation: Core wrap by clear Mylar tape, PVC jacket
      UL Voltage Rating: 600 V RMS
      UL Temperature Rating: 105° C (221° F); -55°C to +105°C
      Approval: MIL-W-16878/Type B, UL VW-1, UL AWM 2576
      Resistance: 16.3 Ohm/1000 ft
      Capacitance: 28 pF/ft (92 pF/m) at 1kHz signal
      Induktance: 0.18 μH/ft
      Impedance: 71 Ohm
      Maximal Current: 2.2 Amps per AWG14 conductor at 25ºC
      Minimum Bend Radius: 1.67" (43 mm)

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