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Ecogate Winter Mode Sensor Kit

Managing Dust Collectors in Sub-zero Conditions

If your factory has a central dust collection system in a region with temperatures that could drop below freezing, or even just significantly chill, you're likely familiar with the complications that arise when filter bags freeze. In the context of a pulse jet dust collection system, the concern extends beyond merely the bags. As per Griffin Filters LLC,

Colder temperatures accompanied by snow and ice can wreak havoc on your dust collector's diaphragm valves and header assembly. The combination of low temperatures and moisture can seriously compromise the valves. - Griffin Filters

Frozen valves/bags or ice/moisture accumulation in your fan, silos, or housing can pose issues ranging from added nuisance maintenance during winter months, escalated operating costs, to substantial downtime while undertaking major repairs or replacements.

During winter, it's common practice to heighten the frequency of dust collection system maintenance and maintain comprehensive logs to ensure the execution of all preventative measures, thereby avoiding unforeseen problems. Some factories even leave their dust collection systems operational round the clock to minimize the risk of internal freezing, regardless of whether production is underway.

However, if your factory operates only 1 or 2 shifts, having to run your dust collection system during non-production hours could significantly impact operating costs and your bottom line. This is where Ecogate's Winter Mode Sensor Kit proves invaluable.

Introducing the Winter Mode Sensor Kit

EG.324 Winter Mode Sensor Kit
EG.324 Winter Mode Sensor Kit

Ecogate's Winter Mode Sensor Kit is a novel feature compatible with a greenBOX Master control system (software version 17.0.7 or higher). The greenBOX's Automatic Winter Mode uses two temperature sensors—one near the dust collector (filters) and another inside the ducting—to prevent freezing issues. The greenBOX initiates Winter Mode if either sensor records a temperature below a user-set value during setup or if a sensor malfunctions. Once activated, the greenBOX Master triggers the dust collector's fan at a user-defined low operating speed, rather than at 100% full speed as a conventional system would run throughout the night.

The Savings Potential with Automatic Winter Mode

Utilizing the Automatic Winter Mode feature on your greenBOX Master system, instead of keeping your dust collection system fully operational round the clock, translates to savings in two ways:

  1. The dust collector doesn't need to operate 24/7 during winter. Your greenBOX Master will power down your dust collection system when the final shift ends and the last workstation becomes inactive, and automatically restart the fan IF temperatures drop below the set temperature overnight. If your set temperature is 39 F (4°C) and the temperature only drops to 45 F (7°C) one night, your dust collector will remain inactive, saving 100% on electricity that a conventional system would have consumed.

  2. Even when temperatures fall below the set value, your greenBOX will start the fan at a significantly slower operating speed than normal. Therefore, even though your fan may operate overnight to prevent freezing, due to the fan law, running your fan at a lower speed (e.g., 30 Hz instead of 60 Hz at full capacity) will result in over 80% savings on your electricity consumption.

Considering the $1,095 list price for adding the Winter Mode Sensor Kit to your existing or new greenBOX Master package, the reduced maintenance hassle and the significant savings make it an excellent investment.

To witness these savings in action, take a look at this blog post, where we dive into a live Ecogate system equipped with a Winter Mode Kit sensor.

For more information about our Winter Mode Sensor Kit or any other Ecogate-related inquiries, feel free to get in touch.


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