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Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

What is the Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™?

Averaging Air Velocity Sensor

The Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™ (AAV) is yet another feature available with Ecogate’s greenBOX Master control system (software version or higher). The AAV Sensor precisely measures fan air volume by measuring the velocity inside of the clean side duct at 24-46 different locations and averaging those out to give you the most accurate number possible. This allows the greenBOX Master to more accurately report on performance, while maintaining better system regulation and most importantly, helping Ecogate controls fulfill NFPA 664 requirements by ensuring minimum transport velocities are properly maintained at all times inside of the ducting system.

How does the Averaging Air Velocity Sensor work?

The AAV sensor works similarly to how a pitot tube reads air velocity inside of a duct. However, instead of moving the pitot tube across the duct as if you were taking the readings manually, a properly aligned AAV Sensor takes readings from 24-46 different locations inside of the duct and takes the average to give you the most precise number possible, automatically. With the AAV sensor installed, your greenBOX Master screen will display the actual velocity and airflow inside of your main duct at any given time. This is great information to have in case you want to make any changes to your system as well - such as changing the size of your main duct or moving machines around - and helps in recalibrating your system with ease after changes have been implemented.

Why do I want one?

The AAV sensor ensures you are maintaining the minimum required transport velocities in your main duct. This not only helps fulfill NFPA 664 requirements as mentioned above but also helps keep your factory and workers safer as well. If for any reason your velocities dip