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Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™

What is the Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™?

Averaging Air Velocity Sensor
Averaging Air Velocity Sensor

The Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™ (AAV) is a sophisticated feature integrated into Ecogate's greenBOX Master control system (software version and higher). The AAV Sensor meticulously measures fan air volume, capturing the velocity inside the clean side duct at 24-46 different points and averaging them to provide the most precise reading. This enhanced accuracy allows the greenBOX Master to report performance more reliably, maintain better system regulation, and crucially, helps Ecogate controls comply with NFPA 664 requirements by ensuring minimum transport velocities are consistently upheld within the ducting system.

How Does the Averaging Air Velocity Sensor Function?

Averaging Air Velocity Sensor

The AAV sensor operates similarly to a pitot tube used for reading air velocity inside a duct. Instead of manually moving the pitot tube across the duct for individual readings, a correctly aligned AAV Sensor automatically captures readings from 24-46 different points inside the duct, averaging them to yield the most accurate value. With the AAV sensor installed, the greenBOX Master display will show real-time velocity and airflow inside your main duct. This information is invaluable if you plan on modifying your system, like changing the size of your main duct or rearranging machines. It also facilitates easy recalibration of your system after implementing changes.

Why Should You Invest in One?

Averaging Air Velocity Sensor

The AAV sensor is instrumental in maintaining the minimum required transport velocities in your main duct. Beyond ensuring compliance with NFPA 664 requirements, it significantly enhances the safety of your factory and workforce. If your velocities fall below the required range for any reason—indicating potential flow obstruction or another issue—the AAV sensor can help preemptively identify and resolve these problems. This proactive approach prevents significant dust settling and reduces fire or safety hazards. Who wouldn't want that level of protection?

To learn more about Ecogate's Averaging Air Velocity Sensor™ and explore whether it's a fit for your system, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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