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Precision Airflow Gates with Granular Open and Close Control

What are Precision Airflow Gates?

Most automatic and manual blast gates on the market perform a fundamental operation: they open, and they close. While this functionality is sufficient for many applications, certain industries demand more. They require airflow control with a higher degree of precision, and that's where Precision Airflow Gates come into play.

4” Precision Gate (Rotating blade, stainless-steel gate body equipped with the new Precision Motor)
4” Precision Gate (Rotating blade, stainless-steel gate body equipped with the new Precision Motor)

Precision Motor

The latest development from Ecogate - the new Precision Airflow Gates, are powered by a state-of-the-art Precision Motor. These 24V DC gear motors are designed to be compatible with both our Rotating Blade Gates and Butterfly-Style Gates.

4” Precision Butterfly Gate (Stainless-steel gate body equipped with the new Precision Motor)
4” Precision Butterfly Gate (Stainless-steel gate body equipped with the new Precision Motor)

Equipped with position encoding, these motors offer a precise positioning resolution, allowing for 0.2-degree increments across the full 90-degree movement. This level of control empowers industries that require meticulous airflow management. Operated via the industry-standard Modbus RTU, the gates also incorporate a pressure sensor that can be calibrated to measure air velocity and volume.

Video Demos

Check out these video demonstrations showcasing our Precision Airflow Gate’s functionality in action:

4-inch Precision Airflow Gate (Rotating Blade)

4-inch Precision Airflow Gate (Butterfly Style)

Precision Airflow Gate - Granular Control

Airflow Precision in Dust Collection

Certain manufacturing sectors demand exceptional control over Airflow Precision. This need is especially acute in industries such as chemical processing, food packaging, car battery manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biological & chemical labs, and semiconductor manufacturing. These sectors are stringently regulated, adhering to specific standards at every stage of production. The precise handling of nuisance dust and hazardous chemicals is not only essential but mandated.

Regulating Profile (Rotating Blade Gate)
Regulating Profile (Rotating Blade Gate)

Regulating Profile (Butterfly Gate)
Regulating Profile (Butterfly Gate)

Exact Transport Air Velocities

The first and foremost application of Precision Airflow Gates is to control Transport Air Velocities at each drop with granular accuracy. Achieving the correct air velocity to extract by-products like dust without interfering with the primary material is no simple task. In the pharmaceutical sector, for instance, the goal is to extract particulate matter without the small tablets, the actual product. Ecogate's Precision Airflow Gates enable the fine-tuned control necessary to accomplish this delicate balance.

Transport Velocities Throughout Ducting System

Ensuring minimal transport air velocities throughout a dust collecting system is safety paramount. In On-Demand Dust Collection Systems, additional gates at non active workstations are automatically opened to achieve the desired minimum transport velocity. However, in some sectors this approach may have undesirable consequences. In pharmaceutical factories, opening an additional gate at a non-working workstation is not an option. Similarly, car battery manufacturers work with delicate and costly materials, and opening gates could ruin the product.

Bleed Gates

Historically, bleed gates (or bleed-in valves) are used in scenarios like those above. These gates, not connected to any workstation, are utilized to adjust airflow and balance systems by introducing ambient air. Though a viable solution, it may require multiple of these installed throughout the duct system raising the costs and maintenance.

Top view of 4” Precision Gate (Rotating blade, stainless-steel gate body equipped with the new Precision Motor)
Top view of 4” Precision Gate (Rotating blade, stainless-steel gate body equipped with the new Precision Motor)

Ecogate's Precision Airflow Gates improves this practice, serving as adjustable bleed gates. These gates auto-adjust to maintain minimum air transport velocities, equalizing airflow among different branches. For example, instead of installing 30 Bleed Gates per se, you could simply need 5 Precision Airflow Gates - usually one gate per duct branch, making your system more precise while also more cost-effective.

Such gates are already available for HVAC systems, however, these systems aren’t robust enough to handle high pressure or to handle transported material. For Industrial Dust Collection, you can only rely on Ecogate's Precision Airflow Gates.

Advanced Automatic Blast Gates

Ecogate Automatic Blast Gates

Ecogate has been at the forefront of providing advanced and robust blast gates for years. Available for duct diameters ranging from 2” to 26”, and in different finishes (zinc-plated metal or stainless steel) our gates have been the top solution for many industries. Whether you are looking for rotating blade gates, ideal for dust collecting systems, or butterfly gates where sealing is a priority, our automatic gates are simply the industry standard.

Motor Efficiency

Powered by a 24V DC motor and equipped with magnetic limit switches, Ecogate's gates promise reliability and efficiency. In contrast to traditional pneumatic gates, our offerings excel in multiple dimensions:

  • Durability: Built to withstand rigorous industrial use.

  • Affordability: Cost-effective both in initial setup and operation.

  • Functionality: Enhanced with features such as limit switches and pressure sensor.

  • Ease of Installation: No need to install compressed air lines, reducing expenses.

  • Operational Savings: Compressed air is costly; Ecogate's solution avoids this expense.

Integration and Control

Our gates are not just about robust mechanical design; they also come equipped with a processor board. This integration with Modbus industry standard communication allows for the monitoring of vital data, including pressure, air volume, and velocity, feeding this information directly into the control system.

By marrying cutting-edge technology with dependable construction, Ecogate's blast gates offer a tailored solution that stands above traditional alternatives. The benefits extend beyond mere functionality, encompassing aspects of cost, ease of use, and adaptability to modern industrial demands.


As with our other gates, our Precision Airflow Gates will come in zinc-plated metal or stainless steel. They’ll be available for pre-order for sizes ranging from 2” to 26”. What's more, our design ensures that installation is streamlined and effortless, with adaptable flanges compatible with both US and EU standards, and quick-connect adapters facilitating a hassle-free setup.

If you have any questions regarding our new Precision Airflow Gates, or you’re interested in pre-ordering some, we invite you to reach out to us. We're here to assist you in achieving unparalleled Airflow Precision.


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