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Ecogate Butterfly Style Blast Gates

First, the Guillotine Style Gate

Ecogate's patented guillotine-style gates have earned a reputation for superior performance across a range of industrial sectors such as woodworking, automotive, print/packaging, and education. However, certain applications pose unique challenges where the guillotine-style gates may not be the optimal choice. For instance, exhaust applications involving magnetic metallic dust or processes using oil or mist might not be ideal for the guillotine gate due to its magnetic limit switch and pressure-sealed design.

But don't worry, Ecogate hasn't left those with these unique needs in the dust. Meet our Butterfly-Style Gate!

Ecogate Butterfly Style Gates: For Welding and Other Metal Applications

As the name implies, the Ecogate Butterfly Gate is markedly different from our guillotine-style gates in both appearance and functionality. Here's what sets it apart:

  1. The gate's airtight silicone seal around the rotating blade ensures zero leakage, making it perfect for oil/mist applications.

  2. Unlike our guillotine gates, the butterfly gate can function in both positive and negative pressure environments.

  3. The gate's magnetic limit switches are located externally, making it suitable for magnetic dust applications.

  4. However, due to the internal placement of the rotating blade, the gate may obstruct larger pieces of transported material, such as wood chips or strips. In such cases, our guillotine-style gate is still the preferred option.

The Ecogate Butterfly Gate is particularly effective for:

  • Metallic Dust

  • Welding Fumes

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemical Fumes (e.g., battery or ceramics production)

  • Mist/Oil (e.g., Metalworking with water or oil in the cutting process)

  • Food packaging

greenBOX Compatibility with Butterfly Gates

Butterfly Gate Open/Close
Butterfly Gate Open/Close

Our butterfly-style gates are fully compatible with all our greenBOX controllers and offer the same features and benefits as our standard gates. If integrated with a smart system, the butterfly gate can measure volume, velocity, and pressure at each drop. The gates are available in both zinc-plated (standard option) or stainless steel, the latter being preferable for pharmaceutical or food operations due to longer lead time.

Ecogate's commitment to user-friendly innovation ensures that our butterfly gates, like all our products, are designed with our customers' needs and feedback in mind. Our goal is to provide solutions that won't add to your workload.

For more information on our butterfly gates and to find out if they’re the right fit for your specific needs, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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