Ecogate Butterfly Style Blast Gates

Updated: Apr 12

First, the Guillotine Style

If you’re familiar with Ecogate you are also probably familiar with our patented guillotine-style gates. Ecogate’s guillotine gates are the perfect automatic gate option for the majority of our installations and we have successful installations in nearly every industrial market. From woodworking and automotive to print/packaging or schools, our standard guillotine gates have performed above and beyond expectations.

However, there are a few applications where this option wouldn’t be the best choice… for example, if you’re exhausting magnetic metallic dust, our guillotine gates would not be the best option because they are operated using a magnetic limit switch. Another example would be if you were using mist or oil in your cutting processes because these gates are sealed only under pressure and could potentially leak…. Now, if your factory does use one of these processes mentioned above, or something similar, you’re probably thinking “So, Ecogate wouldn’t be a good option for me then, right?” Wrong! Don’t worry, we’ve designed another gate style to accommodate those applications that our guillotine gate is not the perfect fit for… our Ecogate Butterfly Gate!

What’s different about the Butterfly Gate?

We're glad you asked… you didn’t think we would just leave you hanging now, did you? You know us better than that!

Ecogate Butterfly Style Gates

Now, let’s talk about some of those differences in more detail:

  1. The obvious difference numero uno is that the butterfly gate, as you can see, looks completely different than our guillotine gates do, and for good reasons...

  2. There is a silicone seal around the rotating blade that makes the gate airtight and sealed when it is closed - this is very useful for oil/mist applications as you’ll never have to worry about leaks with properly installed butterfly gates.

  3. This style of gate can be used in positive pressure environments as well as in negative pressure environments, whereas our guillotine gates can only operate on negative pressure (positive pressure will open rubber flaps that are covering the perimeter between two gate halves - air will escape…).

  4. These gates are also operated using magnetic limit switches, but the magnets on butterfly gates are located on the outside of the gate and therefore will also be on the outside of your ducting when installed, making this gate the proper choice for any magnetic dust applications.

  5. Because the rotating blade is inside of the ducting, it will be an obstruction for any larger pieces of transport material such as wood chips or strips. So for woodworking or other operations that don’t just exhaust fine dust, the better option would still be our standard guillotine-style gate.

Our Butterfly Gates are primarily used in the following applications over our Guillotine Style Gates:

  • Metallic Dust

  • Fumes (Ex: Welding)

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemical Fumes (Ex: battery or ceramics production)

  • Mist/Oil (Ex: Metalworking using water or oil in the cutting process)

  • Food packaging

Is the Ecogate greenBOX compatible with Butterfly Gates?

Butterfly Gate Open/Close

Of course! Our butterfly-style gate comes with all of the same features and benefits as our standard gates and is compatible with all of our greenBOX controllers. If installed with a smart system, the butterfly gate will still measure volume, velocity, and pressure at each drop and they are available in both zinc plated (standard option) or stainless steel, which is sometimes required in pharmaceutical or food operations (lead time is longer).

As always, our systems are designed with our customers in mind along with your help and feedback. Our number one goal is to develop new solutions and upgrades that are completely user-friendly so you never have to worry about additional work being added onto your already full plate, and our butterfly gates are no different.

For more information on our butterfly gates and to find out if they’re a great fit for your specific needs, please contact us at any time.

Author: Daniela Petrescu

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