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2” Gate for On-demand Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

We’ve discussed the benefits of using Ecogate's Central Industrial Vacuum System.

Today we’d like to share with you the design of 2” or 3" butterfly gates for vacuum systems. This product is still in development, and the production of the first prototype is underway.

The Design

This gate design is using the same motor as all other Ecogate gates. The motors are available as “standard” (cost effective), or “smart” (controlled via Modbus). Smart motors allow for pressure, air velocity, and air volume readings. They also come with limit switches, which are readable from the control unit (greenBOX), measurement of motor current, supply voltage, and other diagnostic data. The smart motor is available with the pressure transmitter 24” w.c. (6 kPA), 40” w.c. (10 kPa), and 200” w.c. (50 kPa).

As seen from the drawings, the gate is very compact. With the exception of smaller gear, the remaining gate parts are the same as the larger butterfly gates that are already available. Depending on the demand, we can also design a 3” version (the butterfly gates are available as of today from 4” and up).

What Is This Gate Intended For?

First, this gate should be used in applications where the transported material does not create problems for the butterfly blades, for example, pharmaceutical factories. For larger dust volume and larger size of collected material, a rotating blade is more suitable.

The ideal use is when the vacuum system is connected to the production machine (tablet making machine, mixer etc.), and the gate is triggered to the Open position by the machine activity sensor. This allows the vacuum system to start/stop on-demand. In turn, this represents a huge system size reduction and huge electricity savings!

This gate can also serve as a bleed gate: most of the outlets of the vacuum systems are simple room outlet ports (valves). Users typically open the port, connect the hose for a room/workstation cleaning.

How to Maintain Minimum Transport Air Velocity

In on-demand industrial ventilation systems, the control computer (greenBOX) will open additional gates at drops that are not in use to maintain the minimum transport air velocity.