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Double Your Filter Media Life: How Ecogate Makes It Possible

The Surprising Connection Between Ecogate and Filter Media Life

It might sound too good to be true, but we have the engineering and anecdotal evidence to back up our claim. Many customers have reported that their filter media lasts significantly longer after installing the Ecogate system. This might seem counterintuitive since Ecogate reduces the total air volume going into the dust collector but not the amount of dust. So, what's the explanation?

The Key to Longer Filter Life: Reduced Air Velocity

Dust collector diagram. Image courtesy of Schenck Process.
Dust collector diagram. Image courtesy of Schenck Process.

For a technical explanation, we consulted Mike Althouse, the Director of Filtration Technology at Schenck Process. According to Mike, the key factor is the velocity at which the dust passes through the filter medium.

Filter media are typically selected based on the air-to-cloth ratio - the volumetric flow rate of air through the dust collector's inlet duct divided by the total cloth area in the filters. This ratio is expressed in units of velocity.

The velocity determines how deep the dust penetrates the filter medium - the higher the velocity, the deeper the dust goes. The deeper the dust gets, the harder it is to remove during cleaning.

The Importance of Thoughtful Cleaning

Frequent cleaning can actually shorten filter life. Each time the filter is cleaned, the fabric stretches, which causes wear and tear that eventually requires filter replacement.

For optimal performance and filter life, it's crucial to clean thoughtfully - only when necessary. For example, cleaning based on the measured filter differential pressure is better than cleaning on a fixed schedule.

Changing the filters in a dust collector. Image courtesy of Schenck Process.

Changing the filters in a dust collector. Image courtesy of Schenck Process.

Ecogate's Impact on Filter Life and Efficiency

By monitoring machine activity and providing airflow to machines on-demand, Ecogate ensures proper ventilation while maintaining appropriate transport velocities in the ducting. This reduces the air velocity at which dust passes through the filter media, decreasing wear and tear on the filter medium and extending its life.

On top of extending filter life, Ecogate saves an average of 68% on the power needed to run the dust collection system and offers numerous other benefits.

Discover the Benefits of Ecogate

Interested in seeing what Ecogate can do for you? Get in touch!

Acknowledgements: A big thank you to Mike Althouse from Schenck Process for the technical consultation for this article.


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