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Ecogate System Overview

Smart Industrial Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Looking for an intelligent and cost-efficient solution for your industrial exhaust ventilation system? Our system is designed specifically to help you save on your electricity costs by optimizing your dust collection system and/or your fume extraction system in real-time. 

How Does Ecogate Work?

Factory with Ecogate System

Ecogate System Key Components

Our system includes key components, including sensors, a greenBOX Controller, automatic blast gates, and a Power Master VFD, all paired with data analytics, designed to optimize your dust collection and fume extraction system. The system is fully automated, so users are expected to just use their workstations. 

Optimizing Industrial Ventilation Systems for Energy Savings

In a typical factory, not all workstations are actively producing dust, fumes or mist at the same time. The Ecogate system precisely calculates the required volume of air necessary for active workstations and delivers the designed amount to each workstation. This results in significant energy savings.


Over the past two decades, Ecogate has designed dust collection systems for a wide range of factories. In most cases, our experience has shown that more than half of the workstations are not in active use. 


What does this mean for your energy costs? Simply put, it means you're using more energy than you need to be. The Ecogate system optimizes your dust collecting by consistently providing you the designed amount of suction to active workstations and enough air to maintain appropriate transport velocities. This approach reduces the overall air volume, generating energy savings from fan operation. 


Rest assured, the Ecogate system is engineered to consistently preserve appropriate transport velocities across your duct system. This ensures a safe and reliable work environment that complies with all NFPA standards.

Leveraging Fan Law for Substantial Energy Savings with On-Demand Systems


How do the Ecogate systems achieve such remarkable energy savings? The key lies in harnessing the Fan Law. Fan power is directly proportional to the cube of the air volume; thus, in a theoretical example, halving the air volume results in the fan's electricity consumption being reduced to a mere 12.5% of its full air volume value. If 30% of the workstations are not actively processing material, the air volume is reduced to 70%, resulting in only about a third of the full-power electricity consumption being utilized. The cash for the other two thirds stays in your pocket. This is the law of physics at our side.

Maintaining Drop And Transport Air Velocities in Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ensuring adequate ventilation is crucial to the health and safety of your workers, especially in a woodworking facility. Per NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) standards 664 and 652: if the air velocity drops below the minimum transport air velocity, dust can settle in the duct system and contribute to a fire or explosion in the factory. 


With its ability to monitor and control your ventilation system throughout, the Ecogate system is designed to effectively maintain appropriate transport air velocities. It also measures air velocity at the workstation gates, and regulates the air volume in a closed loop, ensuring drop air velocities are at the designed air volume. This ensures a safer and more reliable work environment for your workers. By having a smart dust collection system, you can improve your indoor air quality and prevent large volumes of airborne contaminants reaching your worker's lungs. 

Total Cost of Ownership

Dust collection systems typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Ventilation systems equipped with Ecogate demonstrate a 35% to 40% reduction in lifetime costs compared to traditional dust collection systems, taking into account initial investment, maintenance, and electricity expenses. Ecogate systems are the least expensive way to operate dust/fume/mist collecting.

Data Mining And Analytics

Our system collects a full range of comprehensive data regarding your workstations' operational periods. Access this information any time via any web-connected device, allowing you to gain insights into workstation usage patterns, electricity savings, and comparative performance metrics across multiple factory locations (requires ecoCARE plan).

Optimize Your Ventilation System With Ecogate

To sum up, the Ecogate system offers an intelligent and cost-efficient solution for dust collection, fume extraction, and oil and mist extraction systems. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve substantial cost savings while maintaining a secure working environment.

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