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On-demand Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems with Ecogate

Experience significant electricity savings, maintain minimum transport air velocities, and utilize smaller vacuum pumps capable of managing more room drops with the power of an Ecogate central industrial vacuum system.

Introducing the greenBOX VAC PACK

greenBOX VAC PACK for Central Industrial Vacuum systems

The greenBOX VAC PACK allows you to connect sensors from up to eight room vacuum valves (or eight workstation sensors linked to the vacuum system). It simultaneously supports pressure, air volume, and air velocity measurements, ensuring faster support and a cost-effective installation of the Ecogate system for Central Industrial Vacuum systems.

What are Central Industrial Vacuum Systems?

Central industrial vacuum systems are designed for point-source capture of industrial dust and general workplace clean-up. Predominantly employed in pharmaceutical factories, chemical production, and battery production, these systems are becoming increasingly crucial in the industrial environment.

Adhering to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines, which do not endorse using compressed air for industrial housekeeping (with a few exceptions), a growing number of facilities are adopting central vacuum cleaning systems.

Beyond standard dirt and dust removal, central vacuum systems are also utilized for hazardous waste collection, liquid spill clean-up, fume extraction, and recyclable goods collection. These systems distribute powerful vacuum cleaning throughout buildings of any size, even multi-acre industrial sites, often featuring over a hundred drops (locations where a hose can be connected to the vacuum system).

How can Ecogate Improve Central Industrial Vacuum Systems?

On-Demand Start & Stop of the Vacuum System

Almost all central vacuum systems continuously run vacuum pumps with large AC motors throughout the shift or even around the clock. With the Ecogate on-demand system, the vacuum pump starts on-demand by using a limit switch at the room manual inlet valve or the Ecogate Volt Sensor connected to the dust-producing machine. This approach results in energy efficiency that is three to four times less costly compared to generating the equivalent amount of electricity (saved by the Ecogate system).

Maintaining Minimal Transport Air Velocities

Traditional central vacuum systems often fail to maintain minimal transport air velocities throughout the duct system. This oversight can lead to two problems: fire or explosion risks from settled combustible materials in the ducting and the expensive, regular cleaning required inside the duct system. Typically, these systems require cleaning every fourteen days to prevent dust buildup that could result in blockages and system failure.

How can Ecogate Systems maintain minimal transport air velocities in vacuum system?

The Ecogate system maintains minimal transport air velocities in the vacuum system by informing the central computer greenBOX about each use of room outlet (via the limit switch) and each workstation connected to the system.

Ecogate Butterfly Gate

Ecogate butterfly gates function as "bleed gates", maintaining minimal transport air velocities in each branch of central vacuum systems.

In on-demand industrial ventilation systems, the greenBOX control computer opens additional gates at inactive drops to maintain minimum transport air velocities. Central vacuum systems utilize bleed gates installed at strategic locations in all system branches. If only a few room vacuum drops are open and air velocity does not reach the minimum transport air velocity, the greenBOX will open one or more bleed gates until the minimum is reached.

Smaller Vacuum Pumps Can Handle More Drops

Applying the same principle as in industrial ventilation systems, if the utilization of a vacuum systems' drops is less than 100%, a smaller vacuum pump can serve more drops. This feature offers significant benefits, especially for larger vacuum systems.

greenBOX VAC PACK for Central Industrial Vacuum systems

The innovative greenBOX VAC PACK allows you to connect sensors from eight room vacuum valves (or eight sensors from workstations connected to the vacuum system), while also supporting pressure, air volume, and air velocity measurements.

Benefits Summary

By integrating the Ecogate greenBOX control computer to manage your central industrial vacuum system, you can achieve substantial electricity savings. The greenBOX will maintain minimum transport air velocities, eliminating the risk of dust accumulation in the duct system. It also enables the use of a smaller vacuum pump while handling more room or workstation drops. This reduction in electricity usage will directly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your facility or corporation.

Additional advantages include extended filter lifespan (if used), decreased compressed air consumption for filter cleaning (if used), diminished system maintenance requirements, and access to a web interface offering detailed data and analytics regarding the vacuum system’s performance.

Are you planning a new central industrial vacuum system project, or do you need to upgrade an existing one? Are you interested in learning more about the technical specifics? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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