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AC Volt Sensor for Ecogate On-Demand Dust Collection System
  • AC Volt Sensor

    SKU: EG.314

    If your workstation is using 460V or 600V AC, the AC Volt sensor is a good option. The AC VOLT sensor works from 120V AC.

    • Please note that our Volt Sensor is not compatible with DC voltage, but it can be easily connected to a higher AC voltage of up to 600V. The input is connected in parallel to the cutting tool motor of the workstation and can accept voltage ranging from 110 to 690 V AC, providing accurate monitoring. The output is easily connected to the Ecogate gate using the Ecogate Sensor cable.


      Our workstation activity sensors are essential components of an efficient industrial ventilation system. Designed to detect when a workstation needs dust/mist/fume collection, these sensors signal the gate and control system, initiating the ventilation process. We recommend using one of our versatile and reliable sensors, including the Ecogate AC-DC Volt Sensor, capable of detecting input from 24-230V AC or DC, the Ecogate AC Volt Sensor, which detects input from 110-690V AC, or the Hawkeye Current Sensor, which reads current to the cutting motor. To override the Volt or Current sensor, we offer the convenient Shut-off Timer Switch, which can be set up to 60 minutes, making it ideal for cleaning workstations after a shift.

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