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Ecogate Power Master VFD Update

The pressure transmitters for measuring the Fan Total Pressure and Filter Differential Pressure are prewired and built-in with the Power Master with all software parameters already set for a faster and more convenient installation. The installer needs to only bring hoses from the fan inlet and outlet pressure taps, and the filter inlet and outlet. These hoses can be as long as necessary without affecting the measurement precision.

Ashcroft CXLdp Pressure Transmitter
Ashcroft CXLdp Pressure Transmitter

Ecogate has updated both the filter and fan pressure transmitters to Ashcroft CXLdp with 0.8% precision, 4-20mA output, and ¼” brass barbed male fitting.

Ecogate chose Ashcroft transmitters for their TruAccuracy™, good overpressure protection, and superior long-term stability. Another advantage is that the same sensor is available for a wide range of differential pressures.

For the differential filter pressure of the dust collector, we are using CXLdp with a pressure range of 10” w.c. This improves filter pressure precision over the previously used transmitters with 25” w.c. range. A properly cleaned dust collector filter should have differential pressure about 2”w.c. or less, dirty filter 5” w.c. or less. If your filter pressure is over 5” w.c., you should troubleshoot with the filter manufacturer.

Ecogate Power Master

The fan pressure transmitters for the Power Master units up to 200 HP are now using 25” w.c. differential pressure sensors. These are wall-mounted units.

The Power Master VFD 250 HP and over (250, 300, 350, 400, 450 HP) are used for larger industrial applications where fan pressure can be over 25 w.c., therefore we are using 50” w.c. pressure transmitter. These are standalone units.

By special order, we can produce Power Master units with different pressure transmitter ranges (from 0.1 to 100 “ w.c.). For example for vacuum systems, we are using pressure transmitters with 100” w.c. range (7.4 “ Hg).

Ecogate Power Master VFD delivers many benefits to those who use them:

Ecogate Power Master
Ecogate Power Master
  1. To automatically Start and Stop your dust collector, all necessary hardware and software is built-in Power Master. This reduces the wear & tear of the dust collector, electricity consumption, and the labor to start & stop dust collectors manually every day. This feature is programmed by so-called Adaptive Programming - like software PLC that is built-in the VFD.

  2. A built-in fan differential transmitter is prewired and programmed to protect your duct system against high pressure that can collapse your duct system. This protection works both in Automatic & Manual mode.

  3. Out of the box, the Power Master VFD includes a 3-phase power input disconnect and fuses, so you do not need to add this to your electrical panel. It simplifies the installation and is much faster and predictable.

  4. The Power Master has a pre-wired simple connection to the greenBOX: the terminals have the same name as in the greenBOX, everything is connected 1 to 1 through pluggable terminals (ever seen installers who are fiddling with the VFD connections the whole day? lol).

  5. The Ecogate Startup wizard will give you a step-by-step guide that guarantees proper settings of 200+ VFD parameters and as a result, within one minute the VFD is properly set and is guaranteed to work (did you hear the one about the installers who spent all day fiddling with VFD parameters?).

  6. Ecogate software transmits pressures, input signals, and door selector position via Modbus to control the greenBOX system, meaning that everything is simplified; one Ecogate Master cable is used to communicate all these values to the greenBOX.

  7. Advanced logic is built-in the greenBOX to evaluate VFD status and errors: user will see on the greenBOX screen a simple message on how to solve the issue.

  8. The Ecogate Master cable that is used for Modbus communication is also used to connect the backup power supply from greenBOX to the VFD processor. Even if the VFD loses power or fails, the greenBOX can still read error codes to evaluate what is wrong. This speeds up troubleshooting.

  9. All VFD parameters can be programmed through the greenBOX. This means that if you need to troubleshoot the VFD or change settings, an Ecogate technician can do it remotely and in a timely manner to reduce production delays.

  10. All VFD warnings and errors are sent to the Ecogate cloud server, so an Ecogate technician or user can access this data via Ecogate DataMining; this is very helpful for troubleshooting.

  11. Ecogate is monitoring the life of critical VFD parts (capacitors, air cooling fans) by the greenBOX and remotely, and also monitoring VFD temperatures.

  12. Transmitting measured data to the greenBOX via Modbus allows measurement of system air volume, and air velocity - these measurements are displayed on the greenBOX and used for system regulation.

  13. The door selectors allow for a simple selection of operating modes: Automatic, Manual, and Stop. The position of the door selector is reported to the greenBOX via Modbus communication.

  14. Four Enable inputs allow connection of the customer safety: for example spark detection, fire alarm system; the enable inputs will stop the main fan in case of fire to avoid spreading fire through the duct system.

  15. The Power Master enclosure is UL Listed out of the factory.

As you see, we put a lot of features inside the Power Master hardware, and we spent a lot of time preparing Power Master software to make installation, setup, and operation as simple as possible for our users.

If you have any questions regarding the Power Master VFDs, contact us at


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