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Netbook for Ecogate greenBOX 12 (Remote Access)

Netbook - for greenBOX 12

SKU: EG.900

Our greenBOX 12 controller is a smart piece of equipment that will manage and improve your system. To make it even easier for you to install, setup, and manage your greenBOX 12, we offer this Netbook with ready-to-use Ecogate software.


    A Windows Notebook PC with Ecogate greenBOX® 12 Setup & Monitoring software should be used for the initial setup of the greenBOX® 12. It will not only make setup and monitoring much easier but will also ​provide us with remote access, which allows us to better support you remotely and in a timely manner.


    A USB to serial cable adapter is used for the connection between the Windows PC and the greenBOX®. User specific setup is stored in a solid state memory of the greenBOX® 12 processor. All user configuration is managed through a user interface via the Windows notebook computer. The setup file can be copied to the Windows notebook PC for backup. After initial setup, the notebook PC can be disconnected from greenBOX® 12.


    Also preinstalled is the LogMeIn PRO software that will allow an Ecogate technician to connect to your Notebook remotely to assist with the greenBOX setup or troubleshooting. The LogMeIn PRO software license is included (paid by Ecogate). The notebook can be connected to the internet via WiFi when remote support is required. 

    Key Benefits

    • Provides easy system set-up with greenBOX 12.
    • Remote troubleshooting for gates and sensors.
    • Adjust the range of the fan speed to fine-tune system performance.
    • Adjust minimum airflow% to increase system efficiency.
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