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greenBOX 12 Control Unit for Ecogate Standard Systems
  • greenBOX 12

    SKU: EG.105

    Loved by our customers for its simplicity, reliability, and flexibility, the greenBOX 12 is currently the most cost-effective control unit for dust/fume/mist collection systems. It supports up to 12 workstations, maintains minimum airflow in one duct zone, and combines with the Power Master VFD (regulates fan speed and start/stops the fan).

    • This greenBOX can fully automate your shop's dust collecting system so it starts when the first workstation is in operation, directs dust extraction to only active workstations, and shuts down after the last workstation is turned off.

      This level of automation and optimization results in not only more time on your hands from less manual operation, but also high energy savings. The more energy saved, the more money in your pocket and of course, the better the environment. Having your system not run at full capacity will lower the noise level in your shop, which very often results in boosted morale. Closing the gates to non-active workstations means the same dust collector can serve more workstations.

      The greenBOX 12 is often used in shops but it can also thrive in an industrial setting. It is compatible with our heavy-duty gates (4"-26" with Standard Motors) and connects with the Power Master VFD , via Modbus communication, to adjust the speed of the fan (includes on/off delay). It maintains minimal airflow per NFPA safety standards.

      Incentives for installing energy-efficient control systems are available from many power utilities. The electricity savings are high (typically 66%), based on the law of physics called "affinity law" or "fan law".

      Note: if your shop/factory is using more than 12 workstations you have two options to expand. Option 1 is to get a second greenBOX 12 and wire it to the first as Master/slave connection. Option 2 would be to upgrade to a bigger greenBOX control unit, with data collecting, data analysis, and remote access.

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