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Ecogate greenBOX ONE

Ecogate greenBOX ONE: Integration Made Easy

Do you already have an operational dust collection system, but it's not Ecogate-branded? Is your system equipped with automatic blast gates that are pneumatically operated or integrated butterfly gates in your CNC? Or perhaps your workstations already boast pneumatically operated gates? If any of these scenarios apply to you, we have an exciting solution for you: the Ecogate greenBOX ONE.

greenBOX ONE
Ecogate greenBOX ONE Terminal Board

How the greenBOX ONE Works with Your Existing Gates

The Ecogate greenBOX ONE enables you to seamlessly integrate your existing gates into a new, state-of-the-art Ecogate Control system. However, please note that if your CNC machine's gate is controlled by the machine's PLC, the greenBOX ONE controller will only serve as an input to the Ecogate system, signaling that this specific machine requires ventilation.

Efficient Airflow Management with greenBOX ONE

For instance, if the external gate is open (energized), the greenBOX ONE will interpret this data, relay it to the greenBOX controller, which in turn, adjusts the fan speed to ensure optimal airflow to the specific machine, while maintaining an efficient system-wide ventilation.

Measure Air Volume, Velocity and Pressure with greenBOX ONE

Like our Smart Gates, the greenBOX ONE is equipped with a pressure sensing tube that measures air volume, velocity, and pressure at each specific gate. Once calibrated during the commissioning process, the greenBOX ONE relays accurate data back to the greenBOX controller, which uses this information to adjust your system’s fan speed.

greenBOX ONE
Connecting an LED indicator light to a greenBOX ONE

Additional Features: Programmable NO Contact Relay

The greenBOX ONE also features a programmable NO contact relay on the terminal board. This relay can be utilized to connect an external LED light to indicate the status of the gate (open or closed), or it can be connected to another PLC in your factory.

Using greenBOX ONE on Existing Gates

While we generally recommend installing a new Ecogate system with all new Ecogate components, we understand that you might want to integrate existing gates. We can accommodate this, and can even install a greenBOX ONE at machines that don’t require a gate, such as those with nearly 100% utilization on a fully automated line.

Utilizing greenBOX ONE in Vacuum Systems

The greenBOX ONE also works effectively with vacuum systems, providing information about which outlets are in use, allowing for the start/stop of the vacuum pump and proper adjustment of airflow in the duct system.

Reach Out to Learn More

We recommend pneumatically operated gates to be equipped with two 24V DC coils, along with open/close limit switches. If you'd like to learn more about our greenBOX ONE or any other Ecogate product, please reach out to us at for further details!


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