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Ecogate greenBOX ONE

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Are you interested in Ecogate but perhaps you already have automatic blast gates installed in your system that are not Ecogate brand? Perhaps your system has gates that are pneumatic or maybe your CNC already has butterfly gates integrated and built-in? Maybe even some or all your workstations might already be equipped with pneumatically operated gates.

We have good news if any of this describes your system. With an Ecogate greenBOX ONE, your existing gates can be integrated into your new Ecogate Control system as well.

greenBOX ONE
Ecogate greenBOX ONE Terminal Board

If the gate at your CNC machine is controlled by the machine's PLC, the greenBOX ONE controller will not be able to open/close these gates. The greenBOX ONE will serve as an input to the Ecogate system to inform it that this particular machine requires ventilation. For example, if the external gate is open (energized), the greenBOX ONE will read this information, send it to the greenBOX controller and the greenBOX controller will adjust the fan speed to ensure we are delivering proper airflow to that specific machine and throughout the system.

Additionally, the greenBOX ONE has the same pressure sensing tube that our SMART gates have to read the volume, velocity, and pressure at that specific gate. Once properly calibrated during the commissioning process, just like with SMART Ecogates, the greenBOX ONE reports accurate information of volume, velocity, and pressure at the external gate’s drop back to the greenBOX controller. The greenBOX uses that information to adjust your system’s fan speed. This ensures that you’re not only getting optimal suction and savings at the same time - but that you’re also always maintaining minimum transport velocities inside of your ducting.

Another feature available on our greenBOX ONEs is that we have one free NO contact relay available on the terminal board that is further programmable (you can select from the functions in the list box). For example, this can be used to connect an external LED light to indicate whether or not the gate is actually open or closed or can be connected to another PLC you may be using in your factory.

greenBOX ONE
Connecting an LED indicator light to a greenBOX ONE

Why would you want to connect an LED light? Well, usually greenBOX ONEs and Smart Gates are installed higher up in the ducting so you won’t always be able to see the lights on the circuit board to determine if the gate is open or closed. By having the ability to connect an LED light closer to the operator or in a space where it is easily visible, you can easily see if a gate is open or closed, and thus know if a particular machine is actually in operation or not.

While we normally recommend to purchase all new Ecogates will your new greenBOX System, we can also integrate any existing gates you have installed if you would like. We can also still install a greenBOX ONE at machines that don’t necessarily need a gate - if utilization of that machine is nearly 100% on a fully automated line - and still be able to measure and report volume, velocity, and pressure at that specific machine to ensure we’re getting adequate suction there at all times throughout the production shift.

The greenBOX ONE can be also used for vacuum systems - to inform what outlets are in use to start/stop the vacuum pump and adjust airflow and minimum airflow in the duct system properly. The vacuum manual valves/outlets must be equipped with limit switches that are connected to the greenBOX workstation activity sensor input.