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greenBOX Unboxed - i1

greenBOX Unboxed, Ecogate's New Series

Welcome to "greenBOX Unboxed." This series marks the beginning of a closer look at the core of Ecogate’s On-Demand Control System—the greenBOX control unit. Boasting an extensive array of features—and with our R&D team continually working on the next features—there’s always something new to explore.

In this first issue, and those to follow, we’ll dive deeper into the greenBOX's user interface, equipping you with the knowledge to fully leverage its advanced capabilities. With a focus on clarity and utility, let's navigate through the technology designed to optimize your dust collection system.

What is a greenBOX

If you somehow landed here, and you're not sure what a greenBOX is, let's break if down briefly. The greenBOX is the brain of Ecogate's On-Demand Control System for industrial ventilation. The greenBOX control unit manages the entire dust collection system, opening and closing workstation gates, start/stopping ventilation fan(s) and dust collectors, and adjusting the fan(s) speed via Power Master VFD. It also takes data collected by Smart Gates which gets processed into insightful reports delivered to your inbox.

greenBOX User Interface Walkthroughs

Without further ado, here are the first few walkthroughs that show you some of the basics;

Responsive user interface

The greenBOX's user-friendly interface, accessible from any device 24/7, offers a smartphone-like experience. Its responsive design adapts seamlessly to various screen resolutions, making it accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

How to add a system

The greenBOX supports multiple systems running different VFDs. Making updates is seamless and can be done without interrupting the system as it's running. Users can easily add new systems, limited only by the number of gates, with the biggest greenBOX model supporting up to 288 gates.

How to add a gate

To add a gate to your system via the greenBOX's user interface, go to the Workstations tab, click "Add Workstation", enter the Gate Driver ID, and click "Enable". Once connected, test the gate by clicking OPEN and ensuring it reaches the limit switch, then close it to confirm proper functionality.

How to add a VFD

To add a VFD to your system via the greenBOX's user interface, go to the VFDs tab, click "Add VFD", populate the required fields (name, model, baseline power, maximum frequency, Modbus port number, and Modbus address), and click "Enable". Once connected, test the VFD by turning the front panel switch of the Power Master to Manual and verifying live readings and status.

How to check warnings and errors

The greenBOX's user interface displays system warnings and errors, which can be accessed via the Event Log. The Event Log provides detailed information about each event, including timestamps, descriptions, and troubleshooting guidance, and allows users to filter events by Device Type, Severity (Errors, Warnings, and Info), or search for specific Event IDs.

Interface Board tab and PC monitoring

The greenBOX control unit offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including Communication Quality, processor temperature, power supplies, and power branches. Users can access the system remotely via the greenBOX's IP address and monitor CPU utilization through the user interface.

How to remotely access the greenBOX (LAN)

To remotely access your greenBOX control unit, simply enter the IP address into a web browser on a device connected to the same network. Once connected, you can view the current status and update system settings for workstations, VFDs, and other components.

Stay Informed with Future Walkthroughs

If you've found these clips helpful and are interested in learning more, we invite you to subscribe for future walkthroughs. Leverage the advanced features in your Ecogate system, designed to optimize your savings and performance, as we continue to improve it even further.

Author, David Vera


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