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Ecogate Appoints Master UK Distributor, Extractly Ltd.

Ecogate + Extractly

The Ecogate solution has been available in the United Kingdom since 2009. In partnership with companies like Dust Control Systems (DCS), Filtermist International, Extractly, and Absolent Air Care Group, we have had a major impact on the UK woodworking industry. Numerous joinery and furniture manufacturing companies have benefited from the huge reductions in electricity consumption - dust extraction cost savings usually ranging between 50% and 75% with an average return on investment period of just 2 years for the majority of installations.

In September 2021, the strong presence continues with the announcement that Extractly Ltd. will become the Ecogate Master Dealer for Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and long-lasting customer relationships - William Kenyon, Extractly’s Technical Director

Mr. William Kenyon, who's been involved with Ecogate from day one, is committed to all existing customers. Stressing that all existing installations will continue to receive service and support and that their warranty will remain unaffected by any changes.

We’re delighted to be renewing our relationship with the team at Extractly, and I’m personally looking forward to following this next stage of Ecogate’s development in the UK. William and the entire Extractly team have demonstrated a keen understanding of Ecogate® technology and are proven to be very customer oriented. - Ales Litomisky, Ecogate President

Mr. Litomisky, Ecogate President and Co-Founder, is passionate about how the Ecogate solution improves the lives of our customers, the performance of their business, and the health of our planet. He's expressed that William and his team over at Extractly, not only share the same vision and passion but also have the expertise to be able to deliver the highest quality service for the UK market.


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