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Eight New Advanced Features

We're excited to share 8 new features of the greenBOX MASTER.

Some of these new features were designed to address common challenges our customers face while others were designed to improve the overall precision of how systems are regulated and achieve additional electricity savings.

In summary, here are the eight new features:

1. Averaging Air Velocity Sensor

Proper measurement of a ventilation system's air volume requires multiple sample readings across the entire diameter of the duct (18-20 when using the Log-Linear method).

The Ecogate Averaging Air Velocity Sensor does all these measurements at once, resulting in the highest possible precision of air volume measurements. The sensor is installed in clean air and used for reporting and system regulation.

2. Closed Loop Air Volume Regulation

The losses in the dust collection system change based on; increasing losses of the filter bags as they get dirty, winter or summer gates position, relocation of workstations, or other system changes.

The Ecogate system uses precisely measured air volume provided by the Averaging Air Velocity Sensor and regulates the air volume in a closed loop. This ensures that the air volume is correct, independent of the current system condition.

3. Maintaining Minimum Airflow in Nine Duct Zones

Per NFPA, the minimum transport air velocity must be maintained in the entire duct system.

The Ecogate system allows assigning gates to the nine different duct zones (duct branches). The air volume is measured at every gate, and the diameters of the duct branches are entered in the system control unit. The greenBOX then displays air volumes and velocities in these branches and maintains proper minimum transport air velocity in each branch by opening additional gates until minimum transport velocity is reached.

4. Collecting & Reporting Data from Any Industrial Sensor

In addition to air volume/air velocity and pressure that is reported by greenBOX out of box any sensor you need to monitor or report on can be connected to the greenBOX via an industry standard signal (4-20 mA analog or Modbus RTU digital).

Every 10 seconds, the greenBOX sends your system's data to a cloud-based database; data such as fan pressure, filter pressure, air volumes, air velocities, fan consumption etc. As a user, you'll have all this data in a Daily Report delivered via email. This data includes Active Workstation Utilization and electricity savings, among other insights, that help you better manage your system and gives you better understanding how you are using your workstations.

5. Automatic Winter Mode

If your dust collection system is located in an area with freezing temperatures the Winter Mode Kit will be critical in preventing a freeze while maintaining electricity savings.

It does this by measuring the ambient temperature and the air temperature inside the duct to automatically start the fan at a low speed when temperatures are close to freezing (this is user adjustable). Because the fan speed is low, the system still provides electricity savings of around 85%, which is significantly better compared to running the fan at normal speed in order to prevent freezing.

6. Control up to 40 Variable Frequency Drives (up to 40 fans)

Sometimes a single dust collection system can use multiple fans. For example, a system can have 2+ fans in parallel or series, in Europe it is common to have Cascading Fans, and safety critical systems use a backup fan along with the main (lead) fan.

The greenBOX MASTER can now control up to 40 individual fans in any of these configurations - up to ten per system.

7. Automatic Start and Stop of the Dust Collector on Ventilation Demand

Traditionally, factories send an operator to manually start the system before and after each shift to start the collector. Usually it's 30 minutes before and after each shift that is wasted.

The Ecogate system can do this automatically, reducing your labor costs. This also increases electricity savings - by not running the dust collector motors when they do not need to run. Additionally, it also decreases wear & tear of the dust collector by letting the Ecogate system do it automatically.

8. Startup Wizard for Ecogate Power Master VFD

Have you ever seen a technician try to setup and troubleshoot a VFD with over 200 parameters? Sometimes it can take a day or two until the VFD is properly configured and running without any issues.

Thanks to the Ecogate Setup Wizard the VFD can now be properly configured in one minute for operation (with Ecogate's greenBOX 12, greenBOX NXT or greenBOX Master).

Author: David Vera


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