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2023 greenBOX Nxt: The Future of Industrial Ventilation Control Systems

Smart Industrial Ventilation Just Got Even Smarter

We are thrilled to unveil the next generation of cost-effective control systems for industrial exhaust ventilation. From small woodworking shops to the largest factories, the new generation of our control systems can efficiently manage many ventilation systems with a single control unit.

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A Legacy of Innovation

Ecogate greenBOX Nxt Control Unit

Back in 2016, we introduced the greenBOX NXT to the world as a cutting-edge technology featuring state-of-the-art functionality, a user-friendly web browser interface, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in web server, and remote access from any device. This has revolutionized the industry by providing real-time factory utilization data at your fingertips, no matter where you were located. Packed with features at a cost-effective price, the greenBOX NXT set a new standard for excellence.

The Next-Gen greenBOX Nxt, From Ecogate

At Ecogate, innovation is at the core of our mission. We are delighted to share the latest breakthrough from our R&D team: the new greenBOX Nxt model.

Ecogate greenBOX Nxt Control Unit 2023

Capable of managing all types of industrial ventilation systems across various industries such as pharmaceutical, battery production, semiconductor production, metalworking, woodworking, welding, oil mist, fume, and food processing, the greenBOX Nxt is equipped with all the standard features you'd expect from an Ecogate control unit, along with new advanced capabilities.

greenBOX Nxt New Features

The new greenBOX Nxt is our most advanced industrial control system to date. Boasting powerful industrial hardware and a modern software architecture, this unit can effortlessly handle industrial ventilation systems throughout an entire factory. With improved measurements of ventilation values, pressures, air velocities, and air volume are measured and regulated. Additionally, the greenBOX meets NFPA-664, NFPA-652 requirements, and is available with UL and cUL certification. The CE, and CA UK certification is standard.

Here's a closer look at the top new features:

True Scalability

The greenBOX can now manage all dust, fume, and mist collection systems within a factory or building, regardless of the number of systems or workstations (greenBOX Nxt is limited to 72 gates, but Ecogate offers models that support up to hundreds of gates). This means you no longer need multiple greenBOX units for more than four systems. It's also highly scalable to accommodate future system expansions (Read about Capital Cost Avoidance).

Revamped Graphical Interface

We've completely overhauled the software user interface in the new greenBOX Nxt. Embracing a high-definition design, the graphics are not just better - they're more intuitive and more visually pleasing. This redesign makes interacting with the system feel more responsive, fluid, and sophisticated.

greenBOX Nxt Dashboard
greenBOX Nxt Dashboard

Enhanced Hardware Platform

The upgraded standard industrial computer (Next Unit of Computing - NUC) features a powerful processor, increased memory, and expanded SSD disk space for future improvements.

Open Architecture Design

The greenBOX is built on a modern software architecture, open to future standards. Its software is fully upgradeable, allowing for ongoing improvements over time, similar to Tesla cars. Have a suggestion for specific functionality? Propose it to Ecogate!

greenBOX Nxt Interface
greenBOX Nxt Interface

Redundant Power Supply

To further enhance reliability, larger greenBOX models now have redundant power supplies (greenBOX Nxt has one industrial power supply). If one power supply fails, the second one will automatically take over without user intervention.

Streamlined Remote Access

The greenBOX now uses the Ecogate Account & Ecogate Remote Access Server (ERAS), simplifying remote access and enabling users to invite and manage other users themselves.

Security Upgrades

The greenBOX control computer prioritizes security, utilizing an open-source Linux operating system with managed updates and following security best practices.

Fast Updates

A fast operating system update is implemented, creating two versions of operating system images. The system can switch between these versions in less than a minute, and, if necessary, the previous version can be automatically reloaded.

Ecogate Technology Advantages

Ecogate technology offers distinct advantages that competitors can't match. Here, we highlight two of them: our Open Software Architecture for Easy Scalability and our Modern “Silicon Valley” Software.

Open Software Architecture for Easy Scalability

Ecogate's software architecture allows effortless integration of new communication standards through modular software upgrades, eliminating the need to rewrite the entire software. This adaptability makes our software scalable to any size, evolving with your business. For a seamless user experience, our software user interface aligns with modern implementation standards used in devices like tablets, smartphones, and Tesla cars.

Modern “Silicon Valley” Software

We leverage Docker containers, promoting efficient use of computing resources and facilitating faster product updates. Our software is built on reliable open-source technology and is automatically compiled and tested for potential issues, ensuring trouble free performance. With our greenBOX control units, you'll enjoy automatic, swift, over-the-internet operating system and application updates, keeping your system current with no need for manual intervention.

Standard Features

  • Each gate is equipped by Open & Closed limit switches; the limit switches position is indicated to operators, transferred to greenBOX control system for safe system performance (most competing systems do not have this option)

  • Minimal airflow is managed in the entire duct system, separately at each duct zone

  • greenBOX fulfills NFPA-664-20, and NFPA-652-19 requirements

  • Reading & writing all VFD parameters, monitoring & decoding VFDs Status, Warning, and Error Words.

  • Automatic Winter mode to protect the dust collector filter bags against freezing

  • CE, CA UK certifications are standard, and UL, cUL certification is available

  • Any Modbus connected sensors can be connected to the system


In conclusion, the 2023 greenBOX Nxt offers a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for managing industrial ventilation systems. Its advanced features, high scalability, and innovative software put it at the forefront of the industry. With our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we are excited to offer this next-generation solution to our customers.


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