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Power Master VFD for Ecogate On-Demand System
  • Power Master VFD - 575 V

    PriceFrom $12,882.00

    The Power Master VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is the best way to adjust the speed of the fan. It is prewired, with Ecogate software pre-installed for fast and easy setup. It can be used as part of the Ecogate system (greenBOX-controlled) or as a standalone VFD.


    Lead times vary between 4 weeks to a few months, depending on supply chain delays.

    Lead times vary between 4 weeks and 4 months
    • The Power Master VFD starts, stops, and adjusts speed of the ventilation fan. Additionally, the Power Master protects the duct system against implosion collapse, starts the dust collector on-demand via free START contact (NO) and stops the dust collector via free STOP contact (NC). 


      This VFD is a commercial product (i.e. not custom made on a project to project basis), installed with the same settings & software in hundreds of locations. This means that the software is fully tested and requires no last-minute parameter changes or commissioning delays. The Power Master VFDs are avialable for 3-phase 230, 460, and 575 V AC. Three phase disconnect and fuses are built-in to simplify installation. The Power Master is UL Listed out of factory. Easy to follow installation and setup guide is provided.


      Equipped with two high-end pressure transmitters (one for FAN pressure, second for FILTER pressure). Automatic, Stop, and Manual mode selector is installed in the front door for quick, easy access as well as the Enabled, Running, and Error door indicators. 


      The Power Master is available from 10 to 200 HP as a wall mounted NEMA 12 (dust-proof) enclosure, and as standalone enclosure (NEMA 12 dust-proof) from 250 to 420 HP. The Power Master uses the high-end ABB ACS880 VFD model and is backed by ABB. 

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