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ABB ACS880 Variable Frequency Drive
  • ABB ACS880 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

    PriceFrom $1,890.12

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    • 25 HP: 0
    • 30 HP: 4
    • 50 HP: 2
    • 75 HP: 2
    • 100 HP: 2
    • 150 HP: 1
    • 200 HP: 0
    • 250 HP: 1
    • 300 HP: 0
    • 400 HP: 0
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    • Top-of-the-line industrial Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) from ABB with the highest reliability, performance, and safety. ACS880 controls the AC motor's speed and torque by varying the motor's supply voltage frequency and voltage.


      This energy-efficient drive reduces peak energy demand and reduces power when not required. The power factor is close to one at the VFD input. Motor speed is fully adjustable, and Start/Stop/Acceleration can be controlled.

      For 3-phase 480V AC, 1 HP up to 420 HP AC motors (VFDs for 230V AC, 600 V are available with purchase order).

      ABB ACS880-1 for 480V AC power supply with Flange Mounting Kit (+C135), with Digital I/O Module FIO-01 (+L501); LCD control panel Bluetooth connectivity is included; commissioning Drive Composer software is available as a free download or as a smartphone app (Drivetune for startup, monitoring, and Drivebase for assets management). You may download the detailed VFD specifications.

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