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Understanding Data for Better Safety and Growth Decisions

The Importance of Selecting the Right Data in Industry 4.0

In the Industry 4.0 world, the key to success lies in choosing the most relevant data for your specific needs. There is an abundance of data available to access and monitor, but selecting the appropriate data is crucial. Not all data is created equal, and not all data helps manufacturers solve problems.

Let's explore a few examples of current issues manufacturing facilities face and how selecting the correct data to monitor could help minimize and resolve these common, yet challenging, problems.

Key Challenges in Manufacturing Facilities with Dust Collection

  1. Outdated dust collection systems: Many dust collection systems do not support an Industry 4.0 structure. They don't collect enough data or display essential values such as the main duct velocity, ambient temperature, or the temperature inside the main duct. As a result, Maintenance Departments rely on operator feedback or, worse, face catastrophic consequences like fires or explosions. Read more on Preventing Combustible Explosions.

  2. Demand for growth: To meet market expectations, woodworking companies need to adopt new technology to improve performance and output. However, without enough data on the current utilization of existing workstations, it is challenging to decide which workstation to remove to create space for a new one. Read more on how an On-Demand system can prepare you for growth.

Leveraging Data to Address and Prevent Issues

Collecting, storing, and accessing specific data over an extended period can help facilities tackle these challenges effectively.

  • Data such as main duct velocity, fan pressure, filter pressure, and bearing temperature recorded over time can be used to troubleshoot and extend equipment lifetime.

  • Data on utilization, such as the duration a cutting head of a router or sander has been on during an entire shift, can help upper management understand the overall utilization of all machines in the plant, making decisions on what to remove/replace/install much easier.

The Potential of Dust Collection Analytics

Ecogate Analytics
Screenshot of an actual report

Ecogate's web-based analytics platform provides detailed information about your systems from any web-connected device. Some of the key metrics tracked include:

  1. Workstation Utilization

  2. Energy Use

  3. Fan Pressure

  4. Fan Power

  5. Main Duct Air Velocity

  6. ...and much more

To learn more about Dust Collection Analytics, click here.


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