ecoCARE Plans Available for Smart and Standard Ecogate Systems

Updated: Jun 29


What is ecoCARE?

Installing a smart Ecogate System in your factory is, well, smart. Adding ecoCARE to that smart system is simply genius.

It’s like buying a smart home that comes with access to the architect who designed the home for future modifications. Imagine also getting discounts on future materials for home upgrades and annual engineer visits that ensure your home is working efficiently for you. This is unheard of in the real estate industry, but in your industry, this is ecoCARE.

For the past 25 years, we’ve worked with thousands of factories and have seen firsthand all the changes a factory goes through. Whether you’re adapting to the demand, shortages, or simply expanding your factory floor, ecoCARE is designed to ensure you keep all the Ecogate benefits with every adjustment. There is nothing worse than spending the money for a system that saves money each month only to reduce those savings by more than 50% because of an equipment or production change.

You focus on increasing sales and we’ll focus on keeping your savings coming year in, year out. You shouldn’t need to sacrifice savings to increase production, not with ecoCARE.

ecoCARE Benefits

Access to Web-based Data Analytics

Do you know the actual utilization of your workstations? How do you manage preventative maintenance? Without data, these tasks are a challenge. With our web-based data analytics platform, you can track your overall system performance and key data such as fan load, fan/filter pressure, the average number of active gates, and VFD frequency. Additionally, you may select specific date ranges of your system performance to review and compare.

Our web-based data analytics platform is available to users who are interested only in the platform. For $600 annually, users can still take advantage of our analytics to monitor their overall system performance and make better maintenance decisions.

Daily & Monthly Reports

For managers and supervisors who don’t have the time to go into our analytics platform, we also automatically generate reports to deliver them straight to their inboxes. These reports give you a snapshot of your system’s performance along with other key average values. The Daily Report is great for maintenance managers because they get to monitor the system daily. The Monthly Report is loved by supervisors because they get a lot of information in a single report and this reduces the need for meetings or fetching information.

Users who are subscribed to our web-based data analytics platform will be able to receive these reports. Consistently seeing snapshots of your system’s overall performance helps you make better decisions. Many factories are adopting the Industry 4.0 practices, which means that any business left behind will be at a huge competitive disadvantage. Having accurate data can not only help you with preventative maintenance but it can also let you see the true active utilization of all your workstations, which often we find that managers overestimate this and therefore make uninformed decisions.

Special Discounts

Often after installing an Ecogate system, users expand, replace/add a new machine, or change their floor layout. In other scenarios, change orders are required to complete the project. For these reasons, we’re including special discounts to allow you to keep expanding with the least cost possible. The discount applies to all Ecogate products, such as blast gates, companion flange rings, sensors, and cable.

Obviously the more orders after the system’s installation the bigger the discount amount will be. Some users end up having thousands of dollars saved from multiple change orders and additional purchases. As an example, we’ve taken a conservative average of a typical subsequent order with the Plus-level ecoCARE plan discount of 7%. Off the bat, nearly $300 would already be saved and by the end of your subscription, the savings amount will most likely surpass the cost of the ecoCARE plan.







4" Smart Gate





6" Smart Gate





10" Smart Gate





4" Flange Rings





6" Flange Rings





10" Flange Rings





AC Volt Sensor





Ecogate Master Cable






7% Discount