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ecoCARE Plans Available for Smart and Standard Ecogate Systems


What is ecoCARE?

Investing in a Ecogate On-Demand Conytrol System for your factory is a strategic decision. However, when you supplement that system with ecoCARE, it's a masterstroke.

Think of it like purchasing a smart home that includes ongoing access to the architect for future modifications. Now, imagine also receiving discounts on subsequent materials for home upgrades and regular engineer visits to ensure your home is functioning at peak efficiency. While this might be unheard of in the real estate industry, in your sector, this is ecoCARE.

Over the past three decades, we've collaborated with thousands of factories, witnessing firsthand the evolution a factory undergoes. Whether you're adjusting to demand, coping with shortages, or simply expanding your factory floor, ecoCARE is designed to ensure you retain all the Ecogate benefits with every adjustment. It's a shame to invest in a system that yields monthly savings, only to see those savings diminish by more than 50% due to equipment or production changes.

Let us focus on maintaining your savings while you concentrate on boosting sales. With ecoCARE, increasing production doesn't mean sacrificing savings.

ecoCARE Benefits

Access to Web-based Data Analytics

Understanding the your Active Workstation Utilization and managing preventative maintenance can be challenging without data. Our web-based data analytics platform enables you to track your overall system performance and key data, such as fan load, fan/filter pressure, the average number of active gates, and VFD frequency. You can also select specific date ranges of your system performance for review and comparison.

For an annual fee of $600, users interested solely in our analytics platform can leverage it to monitor their overall system performance and make informed maintenance decisions.

Daily & Monthly Reports

For managers and supervisors who can't spare the time to delve into our analytics platform, we generate automatic reports delivered directly to their inboxes. These reports provide a snapshot of your system’s performance, along with other key average values. Maintenance managers find our Daily Report beneficial for daily system monitoring, while supervisors appreciate our Monthly Report as it reduces the need for meetings and collecting information.

Users subscribed to our web-based data analytics platform will receive these reports, allowing them to make better decisions consistently. With many factories adopting Industry 4.0 practices, falling behind could put you at a significant competitive disadvantage. Having accurate data not only assists with preventative maintenance but also reveals the true active utilization of your workstations, leading to more informed decisions.

Special Discounts

After installing an Ecogate system, users often expand, replace or add a new machine, or alter their floor layout. In other scenarios, change orders are required to complete the project. We offer special discounts to facilitate expansion at the least possible cost. These discounts apply to all Ecogate products, such as blast gates, companion flange rings, sensors, and cable.

The frequency of orders placed after the system's installation directly influences the discount amount. Some users save thousands of dollars from multiple change orders and additional purchases. For instance, with the Plus-level ecoCARE plan discount of 7%, you could save nearly $400 on a typical subsequent order. By the end of your subscription, the savings accrued will likely exceed the cost of the ecoCARE plan.

Typical Order w. 7% Discount







4" Smart Gate





6" Smart Gate





10" Smart Gate





4" Flange Rings





6" Flange Rings





10" Flange Rings





AC Volt Sensor





Ecogate Master Cable






7% Discount




( values are based on 2022 prices)

Remote Support

When everything is running smoothly, life is excellent. But if something requires troubleshooting, with ecoCARE, life remains excellent! Your plan includes unlimited remote technical support (during regular Ecogate business hours). With the fast-paced nature of factory life, waiting for an engineer to fly out to check your system isn't practical. With ecoCARE, an engineer can inspect your system in real-time and in most cases, have your system back up and running efficiently in no time.

We also offer Remote Support a la carte for those who may not wish to commit to the full ecoCARE plan or who are dealing with a one-off issue. If only a few hours are needed, remote support can be secured for $150/hr. We've found that on average, users require 4-6 hours of remote support after installing their system. If you opt for ecoCARE, that'd be $600-900 you won't have to spend, ensuring peace of mind year-round. For factories with high outputs where every minute counts, we recommend the Platinum tier. This tier guarantees you have a dedicated engineer available to you for priority service and support.

Engineering Consulting Services

Our engineers are industry leaders in Industrial Energy Efficiency, so you can rest assured that we will help you make your system more efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable. Depending on your factory's needs, this might include on-site measurement of key ventilation values, calculations & drawings, and safety system checks. These key ventilation values encompass drops, branches, main duct air velocities, air volumes, pressure losses in the entire system, and fan consumption measured by real power analyzers. After collecting all this data, we present it in a clear, comprehensible format with explanations & recommendations so you don't feel like you're staring at the matrix screen.

Whether you're designing a brand new system or need a review and optimization of your current system for maximum efficiency, we offer this service at $200 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. When considering the positive effects of proper engineering, this cost is justifiable. The Basic ecoCARE plan for Smart Systems includes 4 hours of engineering services, which means that over 50% of the Basic plan’s price is already recouped.

Annual Site Visit

For Plus and Platinum plan holders, an Ecogate engineer is reserved for you every year for an on-site visit (US & Canada). During this visit, our engineer will perform system updates, tune-ups, and offer hands-on training. In addition, we recalibrate your system to optimize the performance of your dust/mist/fume collector. This includes checking and adjusting the minimum and maximum fan speed, adjusting the cleaning function, and tuning the minimum airflow settings. These visits can be scheduled around the times when floor layout changes are needed, such as adding, removing, or changing workstations.

Many ecoCARE subscribers opt for ecoCARE primarily for the Annual Site Visit benefit. Factories experience many changes annually, be it due to increasing demands or rising market costs and shortages. These changes can reduce your system’s efficiency. If you've invested thousands of dollars in a system that saves you thousands every year, maintaining its maximum efficiency becomes paramount. Site Visits can be ordered by users who choose not to opt into ecoCARE, starting at $3,000 (depending on days and location).

Annual System Optimization Tune-Up

The Annual System Optimization Tune-Up is a condensed version of the Annual Site Visit. An Ecogate engineer conducts a full system check for updates, tune-ups, and troubleshooting. We then review all your system measurements to ensure efficiency hasn't dropped since installation. If efficiency has declined, usually due to changes in the factory, our engineer will adjust your settings accordingly and offer further recommendations.

Because it is performed remotely, this could be scheduled in a timely manner, especially after sudden factory-floor changes. For Plus and Platinum tiers, it's common to see the Annual Site Visit and the Annual System Optimization Tune-Up scheduled six months apart to provide year-round coverage (including unlimited support). This is invaluable for ecoCARE Basic (Standard or Smart) users, where an on-site engineer is not included. The Annual System Optimization Tune-Up is available for $465 for users who require more than one per year or those who do not have ecoCARE.

ecoCARE Options

ecoCARE is available for both Smart and Standard systems, with three tiers to choose from for Smart systems. All plans are renewed annually and offer you special pricing on all Ecogate products throughout the year.

ecoCARE for Smart Systems

Smart Systems currently use either a greenBOX Nxt or a greenBOX Master. All ecoCARE tiers for Smart Systems include access to our proprietary web-based analytics platform, enabling you to monitor the overall system performance and track key data. All tiers also offer you monthly summary reports delivered to your inbox, unlimited technical support, annual system optimization tune-ups, and engineering consulting services.

ecoCARE for Smart Systems

For medium to large-sized factories, we recommend the Plus or Platinum tier, which includes an annual site visit by an Ecogate engineer. Given the dynamic nature of factory operations, changes are inevitable. These changes can potentially eat into your savings, and having an Ecogate engineer on-site annually helps ensure that your system stays efficient.

ecoCARE for Standard Systems

Standard systems use Ecogate’s classic controller, the greenBOX 12. ecoCARE for Standard Systems is available as a single plan that includes a free Netbook with pre-installed Ecogate software. Valued at $600, the Netbook for greenBOX 12 will make your life easier during setup and monitoring. Furthermore, having your greenBOX connected to the Netbook will enable us to provide you with remote support in a timely manner.

ecoCARE for Standard Systems

This plan also includes up to four hours of engineering consulting services. If you own your shop, it's crucial to you that your system remains efficient no matter the changes and that electricity dollars stay in your pocket.

A common standard installation for shops with more than 12 workstations involves connecting two greenBOX 12s to work together. From a spending perspective, this is very cost-effective. However, the setup can be complicated without expert help. If you opt for the two greenBOX 12 setup, the ecoCARE plan can save you the headache of setup and provide additional benefits for the whole year.

Get ecoCARE

If you have any questions or would like to explore how ecoCARE can benefit you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure that your system remains efficient, saving you money and helping your business thrive.

Author, David Vera


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