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Introducing the Ecogate greenBOX NXT

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Today we are excited to introduce the greenBOX NXT: the latest revolutionary product from Ecogate.


The NXT is built on technology that powers modern smartphones to deliver all the state-of-the-art functionality you’ve come to expect from Ecogate in a very cost-effective package. That means you’ll still get fully automated control of your entire dust collection system, the greatest energy-efficiency in the industry, access to our web-based analytics platform, beautiful monthly reports, and a whole lot more.

greenBOX NXT: Product Overview

The greenBOX NXT is designed from the bottom up to give your dust collection system state-of-the-art energy efficiency while automating the system. This means that you are able to focus on manufacturing your products while the greenBOX makes sure you always have good dust collection.


As with all Ecogate systems, a sensor is attached to each workstation. When a workstation is in use, its sensor reports this to the greenBOX control unit. The greenBOX opens blast gates to active workstations, and closes blast gates to inactive ones. The reduced air volume requirements let the Power Master Variable Frequency Driver slow down the system fan, which decreases the fan’s power consumption. Don’t worry – the greenBOX is smart enough to always maintain transport velocities through your duct system.

The greenBOX NXT will control up to 32 gates on a single dust collection system. As with our previous products, the NXT is agnostic as to the dust collector and fan – we’ll work great with what you have, or recommend the right dust collector if you don’t already have one.


The greenBOX NXT works with Ecogate’s patented smart gates, which measure the air velocity, pressure, and volume at all drops in real-time. This information feeds into the greenBOX, which, combined with our other information streams, results in unprecedented knowledge about what is happening in the dust collection system at all times. As a result, Ecogate systems have state-of-the-art energy efficiency, all while maintaining transport velocities in the duct system automatically.

A Interface That Goes Where You Go

One of the unique features of the greenBOX NXT is the web browser-based user interface. Because the NXT has a wifi chip, any wifi-enabled device can connect to the greenBOX wirelessly after secure authentication. 


We’ve built a modern, web-based interface that is beautiful and intuitive on any device from your phone to a 4K monitor. This means you can setup, control, and monitor your greenBOX from anywhere and in any way that works for you.

That’s an important point: accessing your greenBOX remotely from anywhere in the world feels exactly the same as standing right next to it – because it is. This also means that with each Ecogate system, you will get outstanding support. Whether it’s a quick question we can walk you through remotely in a couple of minutes or an in-person visit, we’ll be there with you.

Checking air velocities on the Ecogate greenBOX NXT web interface on an iPhone

Checking air velocities on the Ecogate greenBOX NXT web interface on an iPhone