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Ecogate Reduces Renewal by Andersen's Electricity Use by 110,000 kWh per Month

About Renewal by Andersen

Renewal by Andersen, a subsidiary of Andersen Corporation, focuses on replacement windows and doors for existing buildings. The company has a strong corporate sustainability program and continuously uncovers ways to reduce its environmental footprint.

Renewal by Andersen

Factory Expansion and Dust Collection System

The Renewal by Andersen factory in Cottage Grove, MN, recently expanded by 125,000 square feet, adding around 200 jobs. Many new machines were added, and a new dust collection system was put in place to ensure good dust extraction.

Ecogate Collaboration

Andersen Technical Leader I Mark Dupre

Mark Dupre, Technical Leader I at Andersen Corporation, worked with Ecogate to design the new system. Ecogate, the maker of the world's most advanced and energy-efficient dust collection control system, was a perfect provider for Andersen's sustainability goals.

Dust Collection System Components

Mac Process Dust Collector at Cottage Grove facility

The new dust collection system is serviced by a single 400 HP fan. Each machine is equipped with an Automatic Ecogate Blast Gate, which opens and closes based on machine usage. A Power Master Variable Frequency Drive modulates the fan motor speed to match the system air volume to the machines' requirements in real-time.

The system maintains transport velocities, starts, and stops automatically. It was commissioned in January 2016.

Energy Savings with Ecogate

Ecogate Blast Gate

Compared to a traditional system of the same capacity, the Ecogate-controlled system at Renewal by Andersen used less than half the electricity.

In the first 6 months of 2016, Ecogate reduced the facility's electricity use by over 700,000 kWh, equivalent to reducing its carbon footprint by 1,100,000 lbs. CO2.

greenBOX Master Controller

greenBOX Master control system

The entire system is controlled by Ecogate's state-of-the-art greenBOX Master controller, which provides secure remote access for Renewal by Andersen personnel

Being able to check on the system remotely has saved me several weekend trips to the factory. - Mark Dupre - Technical Leader I, Andersen Corporation

Monthly Summaries

Ecogate Analytics - Monthly Report

"The monthly summary emails are a tremendous leap forward in value of the information," says Mark Dupre. I like that I can easily disseminate and forward the information along."

Future Projects

Ecogate is projected to lead to annual electricity savings of over 1,300,000 kWh while providing superior dust collection and other benefits.

"I am glad we did the project," Mark Dupre concludes, "and look forward to doing more."


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