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South Shore Millwork Saves $50,000 Annually on Electricity with Ecogate

About South Shore Millwork

South Shore Millwork, based in Norton, MA, creates custom architectural millwork for high-end residential and corporate projects throughout New England and the country. Their 80,000 sq. ft facility comprises office spaces, secondary spaces, and a large workshop.

Ecogate Installation

Ecogate Dealer Energy Source designed and implemented a turnkey Ecogate installation for South Shore Millwork, aiming to reduce electricity consumption.

Ecogate greenBOX Master control system at South Shore Millwork

Ecogate greenBOX Master control system at South Shore Millwork

The new system features Ecogate activity sensors that monitor which machines require dust collection in real-time, automatic blast gates that open and close to direct airflow precisely where needed, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that controls the dust collection fan speed to provide the right air volume at any given time, and the Ecogate greenBOX MASTER intelligent controller to tie everything together.

Energy Savings and Benefits

By dynamically adjusting air volume based on machine needs, the system slows down the dust collection fan, resulting in an approximately 60% energy use reduction. South Shore Millwork now saves around $50,000 annually on electricity, and the system will pay for itself in less than two years.

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