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Ecogate-Controlled Dust Extraction System for Cardinal Group

Cardinal Group's New Manufacturing Base

Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS) has installed a complete Ecogate-controlled dust extraction system for fit-out specialist, Cardinal Group, at the company's newly refurbished manufacturing base in Laisterdyke, Bradford.

Cardinal has family business origins dating back over a century and is now a thriving company with a workforce steadily approaching 200 in number. With its core business in the retail sector, Cardinal has earned a prestigious client list of top high street names. Relocating its manufacturing facility and headquarters, along with investments in new plant and machinery, is providing opportunities to develop into new markets.

Ecogate blast gates installed at Cardinal Group

Ecogate blast gates installed at Cardinal Group

Energy-Saving Ecogate Extraction System

In a traditional workshop environment, the extraction system operates at full power throughout the manufacturing day, even if some machines are idle. However, at Cardinal, DCS has installed an energy-saving Ecogate extraction system. With Ecogate, optimum extraction is automatically provided for every individual production machine, but only when machines are being used.

DCS has installed FastClip ductwork throughout the factory, and the ducting to each machine incorporates a motorized Ecogate damper, which is activated when the machine comes online. The dampers open to allow extraction and then close automatically when machines are powered down. The Ecogate system continuously adjusts extraction fan speed, in real time, to match machine usage.

"The potential for power saving is obvious," says Melvyn. "Installing an Ecogate system can achieve an average power saving of over 60% when compared to a system with fans running all day at fixed speed."

Ecogate greenBOX 12: Efficient System Control

Cardinal's system is controlled by two Ecogate greenBOX 12 units, with each greenBOX capable of autonomously controlling extraction for up to 12 different machines. DCS engineers conservatively estimate that energy bills will be 50% lower than they would have been with a fixed-speed system.


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